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Monday, April 28th 2014, 9:52pm

I like the Australian one if they don't have the annoying high pitched bit at the end.


Monday, April 28th 2014, 10:48pm

I also like the Irish accent but only in the men... I not really heard the females Irish accent and I don't think it would go to well... unless she had a beautiful voice then I think she would pull of a sexy Irish accent :P I think as well it just depends on the tone of voice too... but German I find is violent :D sorry Gameforge :D German words have a lot of Z's and B's and F's and it just sounds violent especially how my friend says it as she knows quite a bit of German and we were saying she sounds violent... but again I think it depends on the tone of voice... I also like the Jamaican accent too :D love the bus driver in Guernsey... just everytime I get on the bus and he is there he makes me happy just cause I love his accent... so soothing... I just want to hear them sing... skip to 17 seconds on this clip and I just LOVE the mans laugh... it is just soo calming and just so sweet and just really unexplainable :D the old man is just 8|


Monday, April 28th 2014, 11:09pm

Hey there is nothing wrong with Z's I have a Z in my name. I think the german accent is quite good I like it. But then again I generally like Germany so I may be biased, the effiecieny is something to be admired. Apparantly we are the least efficient nation in Western Europe, we are worse than the French and as bad as the Italians which is embarrassing since we take the Micky out of them for being lazy with their 3 hour lunches


Monday, April 28th 2014, 11:14pm

ha ha ha :D I like Italy and France :D Germany I don't know much of... unless it is either bad or just the stereotypical German with the green overall things with a kid saying chocolat! OH I don't know if it was in Germany... but in art we learnt about the Gutenberg Press... sounds German but... ergh we did learn about it for printmaking and stuff...

I not really all knowledge about the economy, financial or just anything high level for me :D I just stick to if the people are good and you earn a lot of money and it is a lovely place and stuff... the place is good :) I should really come into the whole thing with this but I don't... politics and stuff is not my thing... never has been cause I just don't understand it and find it annoying and silly... but many people say we need it so ok... if we need it then I suggest that is all I need to know :)


Monday, April 28th 2014, 11:16pm

Ah, I like to research nations of the world, my favourites are the Scandinavian ones. Also I didn't relies until just now how much I admire a good villain.


Monday, April 28th 2014, 11:40pm

... are there any? Well... what do you mean by a GOOD VILLAIN? Someone who plays as a GOOD villain or someone who plays the role of a villain but very well? Darth Vader is a GOOD Villain :D He turned to the dark side and then at the end turned to the Light to save his son :)


Monday, April 28th 2014, 11:50pm

Oh no, I hate villains who turn good, spineless pigs. I like a villain who plays the role well. The other day I was watching Spider-Man and I realised half way through I was routing for the green goblin, then I realised how often this happens another example the scruge right up until the end when he gave in or loci in avengers. I like the fact that they aren't up the selves like the do-gooder superheroes, they make me sick.


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 12:03am

ha ha ha ok... but you must have some favourite superheroes? I am sure you told me about a superhero you liked? Unless that was you in the past :P but yeah I thought you did :D


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 7:39am

An exception is starwars, the third one , definatly support obi wan,


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 1:20pm

That video KE was hilarious :D


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 4:28pm

Oh good, the video went through trial mod vetting and passed


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 4:50pm

Good Afternoon :P


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 5:23pm


where you questioning it KE? o.0


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 5:38pm

I'm not going to dignify that question with an answer


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 8:10pm

was a good video though... that toilet though :D I also like how on the computer drawn one you can see they added in a little brown box at the back of the plane :D


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 8:13pm

I liked the toilet too xD though, I'd be afraid to use it while flying up in the air. lol out of fear that it would detach!


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 8:19pm

oh I thought you were going to say something about getting sucked out or something or getting windburn since it is only made out of wood :D and also splinters could hurt too :D

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Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 8:28pm

ouchie! no, I did not think of that xD

butt splinter! *said how peter grifin says butt scratcha* :D