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  • and you do equally the same bad thing by not letting the community that are low on points grow and you're stopping new players by pillaging them.. thats even worse to me then having 1 island's fate destroy, you can play without the fate, but u cant play without resources

  • ApO CR's ! A lesson for all

    Rojema - - Kaikias Archive


    Quote from Kingtoad: “if Max and Rojema can post their loots from APo towns.. hahaha.. more than 300k looted.. what a bunch of farms... ” Quote from Cam Asutra: “wow .. 18k generals against less than 2k !! 1M points against less than 200k ... only retarted at the top of the ranked XD free win when I have mortar and free HoF see u soon noobs ” hey why arent you mentioning me? i had 80k pts at that time and i've got 10 prntscreens of more then 300k resources pillaged from your alliance haha

  • Listen here Cam Asutra, you're talking about me doing some scummy stuff to you guys, and i agree, its dumb for that to even be in the game, there's 10 of you with 100% convertion and 1 of me with 0, and i can still put you under 98%. BUT WHO ARE YOU to say anything to me? Look at your alliance, marchombre has been attacking players from 15k-30k pts and he has 150k.. compleatly emptying them out.. is that fair? No its not. Will crying on board help that? No. Will crying on board help you? No.

  • dont hate the player, hate the game

  • if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen