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  • 1. STEAM , gameplatform ! Where else you can get CS : GO Of course by downloading inlegal game ... 2. This name I got on Latvian server so many years , i have been through phenomal battles , huge wins and pillages ... I didnt know if some game staff got this name . How I can know that ? Here is my work in this game , at my country ...

  • What if we changed extra building place for some type of miracle or towers in cityies ? Like you can gain extra happines for people , it would decrease amount of wine needed , but It wouldnt make you live just with it ...

  • Hello everyone , As you see , my question is about something that i worried about , and i dont want to get banned before i make some type of thread or message to anyone before I know the rules ... The question ! Can I make thread about - Changing My steam account with CS:GO inside it , against ikariam account ? Will it be against the rules and can i get banned for that ?

  • Quote from Mea1: “So I am not sure to what you are referring. ” I am not just talking about you ! It's funny , that nobody else who plays in that server , doesnt help that guy ... Those type of bullies are just weakest players in game , because thats the only thing they can do ! Robbing new players

  • Quote from Mea1: “You have gotten lots of good advice here. If you want, you can start playing on different servers, I am sure there are plenty of servers you would get a nicer welcome than you have where you currently are. Good luck ” So nobody kicked ass to that bully , and you just dropped out from that server to run on other ?