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  • RE: Cultural Treaty

    Xenophlanes - - Alpha Archive


    Greetings Citizens! I am Xenophlanes, Today i seek 3 culture Treaties. If anyone is interested please contact me through in game. Xenophlanes is my name. If you do make a deal with me, i shall send you One Thousand crystals for making the effort. Also we may talk about further expansion and trading options if you think you need anything. So consider this a chance of making an alliance. So don't miss out on a free one thousand crystals by just a few clicks with your mouse! This message is only to…

  • A Trading Partner.

    Xenophlanes - - Alpha Archive


    Greetings fellow Empires, Tribes and Citizens of World Alpha. I am Xenophlanes, still fresh to this world and quickly developing skills of playing this game. I am looking for a few trading partners,Those who are trust worthy and reliable for my needs. I have enough resources to support myself on a average level, but i am in desperate need of constant Wine and the most rarest and most valuable resource Marble. Now, what do i have for offer, Crystal. Important for research and specially for update…