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  • thats right, well done, i think its finally clicked with you, i said i was leader as a joke, how could i possibly be leader when i've not been active for six months? i think you must be hard of thinking or something, lol no more flapping my gums (as you put it) this thread is tedious and unlike you i have better things to do with my time.... goodbye cruel world.... frog gone....

  • you guys really need to get a life, i've not read a single post on this thread before today, didn't even know the thread was going until landi mentioned it last night but seriously!! i just read through the last two pages and OMG.... what are you lot doing? this is supposed to be a game, something you should enjoy playing and take pleasure from. I haven't played ikariam actively for over 6 months, i can't believe you lot are all falling out over me. Vent, yes i did reply to someone from EDMW (ca…

  • Quote from Jake: “UPDATE: [jake]Removed: "Mikie" and "war frog" - both users are no longer playing on this server. Changed Unholy Avenger to Dark Side due to name change.[/jake]” war frog is still playing (although currently in gold mode), now named 'just frog' Quote from eric frog: “IGN: eric frog academy 18 (Hidden Content) alchemists 15 (Hidden Content) architects 32 (Hidden Content) barracks 23 (Hidden Content) embassy 15 (Hidden Content) glass blower 15 (Hidden Content) gov res 6 (Hidden Co…

  • Account up for grabs

    eric frog - - Beta Archive


    Hello Beta people, text removed - Don KuSTe eric.

  • Slowboating

    eric frog - - Discussion Archive


    My military adviser looks wrong somehow if he is not backed with blood red now, keep the slow boats coming, they bother me not :)

  • Level 43 Wall (Hidden Content)

  • not just me that noticed it then,... i guess Super Delboy is just that awesome that the usual rules don't apply to him, that is what comes from spending every waking moment logged in to this game

  • i disagree, i like the idea. i think it would entice people to grow a stronger crew and not hoard points from the first day.

  • Beta's pop decline

    eric frog - - Beta Archive


    is anyone still reading the Boards? its probably been about a month since i last read anything on here and maybe 3 months since i last posted anything, maybe more. the Boards used to be really active and a lot of fun, what happened? i feel like the last man alive sending out a message on the off chance there is somebody else out there who might hear me

  • PSI

    eric frog - - Discussion Archive


    the Boards have been dead and the servers have been war free ever since the removal of the bashing rule, there is no reason to declare a war now it seems

  • Dark vs SUSPX war

    eric frog - - Discussion Archive


    Quote from kingjames: “SUSPX are still ranked 1st in offensive points, defensive points, donations and resources high scores tables” and how exactly would declaring war on them get them off the top of the offensive and defensive points tables? how would it alter what resources they had spent or what donations they had made? i think you are being silly with this thread, not a single SUSPX member has contributed to this thread as everyone knows we meant the total scores list as it was copied in to…

  • 10 CT's required please IGN: VictoriousFrog

  • What are you suggesting? changing the time of the piracy updates and the day the piracy competition ends How will it change the interface/gameplay? making it more fair for everyone who plays piracy Suggestion Reason: at the moment the game updates every evening at 18:00 game time, to some people that is during the middle of the night and it seems a little unfair as this is a disadvantage to them. it also finishes on a sunday at the same time, this will give some people the chance of doing lots o…

  • IGN: eric frog Level 41 Town Wall (Hidden Content)

  • LVL 36 Town Hall then IGN: eric frog 4j2nb4.png

  • Quote from Smity: “Updated for - Shiny Penny - Victory I couldnt add victory to winery because all 5 positions are already taken. Unless a user no longer exists on the server they cannot be replaced.” hmmm,..... no update since May 2012 have the Mods quit Beta as well as everyone else?

  • Vacation Mode

    eric frog - - Game Suggestions Archive


    I was under the impression that vacation mode was there for players who wanted to go on holiday and leave their accounts safe for when they return yet it seems more likely that players use it when being attacked, either against simple pillages or during wars it is being used more and more as a defense tactic I think the way vacation mode is used needs to be altered by putting a 24 hour delay on it like when leaving an alliance, there should also be a minimum of 24 hours (or even a week) where va…

  • 14 CT's needed please IGN: eric frog

  • finally, a war that means something. its about time this server had a war of substance rather than these meaningless two week jobbies that seem to have taken over yet never get going. well done to NF on this declaration and good luck to both sides

  • IGN: eric frog academy 18 (Hidden Content) alchemists 15 (Hidden Content) architects 32 (Hidden Content) barracks 23 (Hidden Content) embassy 15 (Hidden Content) glass blower 15 (Hidden Content) gov res 6 (Hidden Content) hideout 32 (Hidden Content) museum 10 (Hidden Content) optician 22 (Hidden Content) palace 6 (Hidden Content) shipyard 15 (Hidden Content) tavern 23 (Hidden Content) temple 20 (Hidden Content) town hall 23 (Hidden Content) town wall 18 (Hidden Content) trade post 13 (Hidden Con…