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  • NORTH and Outlaws Discussion

    Sizlack - - Hephaistos Archive


    Quote from TheGreatDane: “Continue farming our members. Well we enjoy farming your members as well. What I heard from your former members it was poor leadership. But words against words. ” @TheGreatDane - As one of those "former members" I can confirm that myself and multiple other "former members" have simply left due to inactivity, not because of our want to be with NORTH. Just thought I would add some facts to this board instead of just hearsay crap. Keep enjoying the boring back and forth gu…

  • Quote from JOSH: “Quote from ATN: “This is KIRA I post for Salah -TBBDV the great ” LOL. It's like Valentin all over again.@eijipe remember this modus operandi? Haha. CRINGY. And he even had the nerves to call us out as cheating by using multis at the very start of the server. ” Cringe is right! This guy definitely likes looking in mirrors Warned - Trolling - Kikoguns


    Sizlack - - Hephaistos Archive


    Hi all, It's a no from NORTH, on the basis that the more alliances we war then the less places there are to hide because that's all we are good at apparently :). Maybe another time. Cheers Sizlack

  • War: VF PH vs NORTH

    Sizlack - - Hephaistos Archive


    Hey Guys, On behalf of the NORTH alliance, good luck and I hope we can be some competition for you. Thanks for the offer to challenge and see you on the battlefield. Cheers Sizlack