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    kachel - - Ares Archive


    Well STARS must be making a name for we had a little visit from TAN today. No war declared, no prior warning, just a little fun :o) Velikan was so kind to take up the fight with me, but after one and a half hour he must have gotten bored running his troops and ships around. (Hidden Content) I'm not an expert at this game, but with those troops, should he not be playing in the big boys league? Here's another expert fight fought over Souburg, my level 1 town that I had just founded: (Hidden Conten…

  • ALL STARS be recruiting, aargh!

    kachel - - Ares Archive


    Ahoy! How are ye? We be a new tribe. Maybe ye always wanted t' join ALL STARS, now's yer chance. We're a friendly bunch, and there's only one rule: Everythin' stands or falls wit' communication. If ye stop communicatin', ye'll be kicked out! Otherwise, thar's th' queue. Sign up now! Alliance name: All Stars Alliance tag: STARS Founder: Kachel Contact: Kachel We're a new alliance. Based on mutual respect. Above all'else, our priority is to create a better world for STARS and its members. We value…