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  • ct requests

    vietnamconghoa - - Eunomia Archive


    vietnamconghoa 3CTs

  • LoL it is so amazing when we can fight the great battle when on the way of leaving PHX. Just for showing DLoI that PHX has a group of warriors and finally you found them. It was lucky for you in the first time of visiting division 4 because it was far away from our towns but it not as lucky as in the second time. Anyway, you are the great player with skilled statics. We do not regret to stay until 2am to fight with you. Hope you have the great vacation with your gf Regards

  • Dear all PHX's members, Please calm down because it is one side war =)) someone starts it with their unique rule and basically, the rule to win the war is advantages for himself =)) We have 44 members with differentiation in TS and more, he just attacks weak member to get score (which set by him also =)) ) and avoid to fight with our fleets and troops. I don't think we should focus on him too much. Just banish him when he bites our neighbor members

  • I would like to repeat: 3 men from division 4, the weakest division, do not represent the PHX. We need resources, we go for pillaging. We build a satellite town in centre of TEF's islands for pillaging and loot around, this is a big risk! 3 men versus an alliance, it is a big risk! And in economic: high risk, high return! But we just have got only 2k of wine before all them went to vacation mode? All of them, immediately! Everybody, you know this sentence: hope for the best, prepare for the wors…

  • I am the one who joined this attack. I wonder that three guys making a hunter is serious like that? And you always mention PHX in all your posts to blame this as the attacking of the whole alliance to you and gains the feel of pity from people? Can you give me another name exclude battleship, jetaime and vietnamconghoa? How many TS you have when 1-on-1 with battleship? 60k versus 40k and you said that unfair? Anyone exclude him attack you? Did you have problem when I and Jet attack small account…