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  • Borg (Borg)

    ThreeOfFour - - Alpha Archive



  • Well lookie thar!

    ThreeOfFour - - Conflict Archive


    Dynasty zapped me with colossus and I still won. Hahahhaa (I thought you DuMmies didn't use colossus?) (Hidden Content) Warning for trolling ~ Twisty

  • Really?

    ThreeOfFour - - Conflict Archive


    Melanie, you post those CRs of your wins versus the skeleton crews we left in your towns/ports after we pillaged and occupied you like they mean something. Honestly, I didn't think they were significant enough to post, but I see how you roll. (literally) Here is example... (Hidden Content)

  • This was zaxs attempting to attack. How adorable. (Hidden Content) Edit: Get ready for Operation Flaccid Ranger

  • And finally she got caught! [glen]-snip-[/glen] All I have to say is, BWAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaaa hahahhahahahahhahahahhhhhhhahaaaaa *sniff* BWAHAHAHAAHAhahahhahahahahahhahaaaaa no really... HHahahahhahahahahhahahaaaa [glen]Warning for off topic post and ban discussion, neither of which are allowed —Glenwing[/glen]

  • Dominion (DMn) vs Borg

    ThreeOfFour - - Conflict Archive


    Queen Sky lost some sulfur... (Hidden Content)

  • WA_youlose.jpg (Hidden Content)

  • [Dory_voice]

    ThreeOfFour - - Conflict Archive


    Quote from Medoria: “Let me think, have a huge sea fight in a borg town where they will likely coloss at the blink of an eye, have a fight in a MIN town where that isn't an issue. gee, i dunno it's such a hard choice. ” [Dory_Voice] Mmmmoooooowaaaaah... AAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrre yooooooou kiddddddding? Wooooo! wooooo! Yoooooooooou uuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssed iiiiiiitttttttttt ooooonnnnnnnnnn mmmmeeeeeeeeee! [/Dory_Voice] Maybe I should try humpback. Woooooo! Woooooo! Too much orca. Did it sound …

  • On the left you have Casa Medoria. (Hidden Content) Notice all the warehouses? Those are ideal for hiding material from people who want to pillage you. moocow1.jpg Next on our island tour is Hardyboy's town. (Hidden Content) hardygirl1.jpg Next up is the crib of Dynasty. What's with the open building spot? (Hidden Content) DieNasty1.jpg I'll add to this as the tour continues. What fun!

  • As current general of BORG (I drew the short straw) I am obligated by virtue of peer pressure to announce the following: Vendetta (Borg) hereby declares WAR on -MIN-. The reason we are declaring war is because... well it's Thursday. Ending conditions shall be any one of the following: - Min officially merges with DONE - Someone uploads a youtube video of Medoria singing "I'm a little teapot" - Eric & Melanie kiss and make up. - MIN disbands. ...or until every BORG member gets banned from the for…

  • Did someone call for a tissue? I think I read that somewhere in this thread. MT_Toscana_Rec_Tissue.jpg

  • lolmoo? (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Am I doing this right Mel? We gonna post every meaningless CR with green font now?

  • So we hit Sky King's mobile and lo and behold look what we found hiding in there. My O my! What a shame they all had to die. (Hidden Content)

  • While some of our boys were over fighting on the island King Sky locked down for MIN a few days ago, he tried to open a few ports on another of our islands to let Moodoria and her followers try to take the island. It didn't work out so well for them. Hahahhaa (Hidden Content)

  • Melanie, this is just getting silly. Your DON lapdogs are running out in the street without any regard for traffic. How are we supposed to have a war if they keep getting in the way? Just look at this. Chrizii and Morse got so mad they decided to join up with Borg to put the poor lad out of his misery. (Hidden Content)

  • lol? think perhaps you can't win a battle without your DON lapdogs (Hidden Content)

  • Hey Mel, your DON pitbull lost again. (Hidden Content) Edit: Make that twice. This one shows 2 DON guys bailing out your lackeys. (Hidden Content)

  • I'm a total pansy and I couldn't even make it through a single fight in our 1v1 without calling in reinforcements. And oh yeah I admit that I am completely clueless about land battles and I apologize to all the actual capable members of my alliance. War over. Please close this thread.

  • Attack now?

  • Introducing SNARK

    ThreeOfFour - - Discussion Archive


    - Title of the thread must include the alliance name and Tag. - The post must have: 1. Alliance Name - SNARK 2. Alliance Tag - SNARK (duh) 3. Founder(s) of the Alliance and/or her Leader(s) - Three 4. Contact person(s) or diplomat(s) - Three 5. Current Rank of Alliance - Sixty-two 6. Brief description of Alliance - We are snarky. [*]Optional: - Current Number of Members - Three - Current Allies - Um... I'll get back to you on this one. - Current Enemies/Wars.. etc. - All farmers When you announc…