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Your Ikariam Team

  • Why are you talking to me? Did I ask you something? Your desperate need for attention is acting up again.

  • Syp, you should not waste your energy with these ones. After our leader and two more experienced players will be able to return to the game, we can regroup and do this properly. If I will have time tomorrow, I will post my CRs also. Some of them are quite funny. Btw: 5 guys on my island? A little bit excessive for a 70k account like I have, don't you think?

  • I got general there because the leadership had RL problems. And they ran because were surprised by the non-fighters they called. Because some of our best players can't take part, why should we get into your trap? Stop thinking with your ass. Mahi is still learning. If he is at the beginning, doesn't make you better than him. You put all your alliance on the road for nothing. Losing gold for nothing. Sh.tty leadership from a shi..y player.

  • Quote from Hannibal: “Quote from Vegan001: “By the way, isn't Sol your 3rd alliance you've been in Hades? First Immortal Glory, then RAID and now Sol, right? Did you get kicked that many times, or just running from a war like after RAID vs -THT-? ” ” I don't know why you are watching me but doesn't matter. It is actually fourth. IG, RG, Raid and now Sol. And who knows, maybe not the last? Of course, never with barbies. I don't need to explain myself to you but I was always looking to a war orien…

  • I guess this will help us identificate the farms faster and send them away. Might be a good thing after all so thank you for that

  • When you already have an existing conflict, you are prepared. But this is out of nowhere. And with the other alliance it was just me and 2 more members. I didn't tell everybody yet. Anyway, these barbs try to win a war with a new alliance. They think they get respect from anyone like this. Their time will come. We will have a war with them but when we will want it. They are not in a position to ask anything from us.

  • *Private content* EDIT - Warned - Kikoguns

  • It is not hate. I am trying to make him understand that nobody takes him, his alliance and war seriously. He keeps saying we are afraid like they are champions of Hades or something

  • I told you that since then you started preparing. And this is not a spontaneous but a planned attack. Are you having some kind of problems? If you have medical reasons that make you think so slow, tell me. I am not afraid of anything and I am sure you will be the ones to regret it. Barbs means nothing on this server so nobody is afraid of you. Really! I can't speak in the name of my colleagues but I don't give a sh*t about you. Now do you understand how afraid I am of you? I don't know if I can …

  • I'm going to stop talking to you. Your alliance started spying on us since 3-4 days ago. I have also saw on some the generals score going from 1 to 4k. As I said before, most of us don't give a ¢ about you. You want to start a war, do it. Don't bark so much cause you get boring.

  • I just said we won't. You seem to write in English but you don't really seem to understand it.

  • Quote from drasko7: “ ” We need time to prepare. If it is going to happen, we will not set vacation mode on. If you say things like a moron, does that make you one? Choose your words.

  • What is this? You decide when yoou start a war just like that? So you have a meeting in your alliance like: people, you have two weeks to build up your army. Sol just begun a war so we will go in the middle of it and declare a spontaneous one. I like war but in this one I have no motivation. I will defend myself and my colleagues but that's pretty much it.

  • Quote from JekSnow: “It also is ironic to say that your message to weaken FFO members was just a joke and for fun yet you continuously spy on Alexis and me. Train your spies more to be not too talkative or are they going "crazy in their head" already that's why they are spitting out info now. ” Yeah, it seems like these geniuses send their spies before attacking so that their targets can prepare. I have also caught tons of spies in my towns last night and they were very talkative. I guess they a…

  • Quote from Dumarks23: “If you are smarter than you think you are, you will get the sarcasm. ” He can't be smarter than he thinks. I don't think anyone in the world is smarter than this guy thinks he is. I guess we need to shut up and accept the supremacy of TheHumphTeam.

  • Keep making yourself feel better. You are smart and courageous, don't listen to what the other people tell you. We all keep saying to eachother that you are smart and brave but we are just jealous.

  • And they think on 22 the war will be over. When you make Raid your enemy, it will never be over.

  • Oooohhh. That's what you mean. You have to be reaaaly smart to know how to play (stay in the battle only as long as you have advantage, then pull up your skirt and run, baby, run ). I bow to you, master

  • THT chickens

    Vegan001 - - Hades Archive


    You start again with that whole points crap? You know why you have more? Because we never ran away when we are attacked. Because we are proud and don't hide like little girls when we see we lose "precious points". We stayed there until the last soldier when you attacked us and would have done the same yesterday also. Grow some balls, people. Or ask some slovenians to borrow you a pair. Enjoy your points :))

  • Quote from Norad: “check the morale mate, or the attacker activate his wonder (hepa) ” He said he saw no wonder activated. Morale only has effect when it gets to 0.