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Your Ikariam Team

  • 9 cts available IGN: Damu

  • congrats to both sides. this was a good war to observe

  • 3 CTs IGN: Damu

  • Friend Invitations/CT Requests

    Blood - - Hephaistos Archive


    still have 13 CTs available. IGN: Blood

  • Quote from Calin: “@Shain seriously stop bringing real life into the ikariam tho. I don't care whether you have a low paying job that pays atleast 30k pesos a month. people with higher standards do not brag about their accomplishment and I suggest you do the same. ” i think it's a typo but i consider having 30k pesos salary not a low paying job. wish i had one

  • Sorry but I just have to put this here also . It's just really ironic. Quote from TBBDV: “...Furthermore ,,, Who told you that in order to declare a war in this game you have to prepare the enemy ???? no notice period to a guild that is keep bothering us again and again since the beginning of this server .. if you want to end this war I will repost again the terms (Hidden Content) ” and to clear things out, we did not even go into offensive with you guys with the so called war so i don't think y…

  • Had to place this here cause i thought your alliance is thirsty for war and looking for it. You got what you wanted this time. Quote from TBBDV: “...however I couldn't find any other solution people are hungry-thirsty for a war...your members gave us a reason that we wanted in order to have a war... ”

  • 2 CTs, - IGN: Damu 18 CTs- IGN: Legem

  • Actually the time to prepare is a request before the actual fight could start, not mandatory. And yes, we can fight even if you put up all the numbers same as before but this time we just deemed it unecessary because we don’t have proper terms like damage count, etc. It’s just we’ve been used to that way ever since this game begun and we just don’t like to drag ourselves on a long time war, that’s all. Thanks. By the way this is the diplomat Quote from TBBDV: “Blood first of all who are you? ..w…

  • Well i guess you won’t put proper terms for this war. As a diplomat of an alliance, we expect such to represent the alliance the best way possible. But looking at this, i’m afraid some people might not regard you well as it should be. We won’t participate anymore and drag ourselves to a petty war like before. One can win every battle but at no point winning the war. Saying that you are not also ready for this war after the DOW and will not give time for us to prepare is silly when all your g.s a…

  • Nice, our members are here again. We can now make it interesting since some of us are back. Though we just request to change your terms. Set duration of the war. We don't want to drag ourselves on a war that will last for a long time just like before. And let's use damage count to know who wins. Thanks

  • Btlog VS Wolf alliance

    Blood - - Hephaistos Archive


    Nice. Some action in heph again. Goodluck to both sides!

  • Quote from Skar: “kudos NOW jumping in on overwhelming smaller side of fight. Love the spirit. Send me CTs NOW members if u want. Mad respect ” Thanks will send CT request too when available.

  • NOW VS 8 Alliance Listed thread

    Blood - - Hephaistos Archive


    Quote from JOSH: “I enjoyed reading CRs on this side! Good job guys! Wish our side was as clean as this thread! ” Yeah it's really clean on this side, just all for fun good job to all!

  • NOW VS 8 Alliance Listed thread

    Blood - - Hephaistos Archive


    Ending the war with a bang! Congratulations to all. It's a nice war we have (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Calin: “hello guys the war will officially be over tommorow @ may 10: 23:00 ika-time thank you for playing like a good sport guys wp ” Well played all. Thanks for making the server alive. back to being bob the builder again.

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Lost this battle, but really love this one. Good job mate, thanks for the learning experience! (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from razzed: “Quote from Blood: “Quote from razzed: “Quote from Blood: “Four-part story (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) ” nice cr.. i like your story.. ” Thanks! ” i just wish MAFIA players will use quality moves like this too.They always complained about us attacking them while offline.. hahaha most of them(not all) only use teleportation to catch us.. hahaha ” oh that's unfortunate. it's also sad seeing ambrosia being a used that often nowadays. Anyway…

  • (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from razzed: “Quote from Blood: “Four-part story (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) ” nice cr.. i like your story.. ” Thanks!