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  • Quote from LionHxHeart: “Quote from Cam Asutra: “@MrChairman it's true but where is the challenge ?? where is the risk ? I can understand the fact that tyrant likes to play like this because he can't really loose due to his huge economy ... he wins a CR with "one click" on his keyboard !! he thinks the fact that TOB is weak, stupid ... but how TOB can do something here ? it's just impossible ! play a game without any challenge make no sense !! ” we declare war to TOB alliance to test them how st…

  • Quote from Agrippa: “It took 8 of you *snip* to bring me down, while I slept. Hero's every one of you. Be very proud of yourselves. (Hidden Content) Edit - Added spoilers - Hera It took 4 of you *snip* to bring me down here. Be proud you hero's of du30. (Hidden Content) Edit - added spoilers - hera” lols i can hundle you the other member send troops just only to see whats on the battle, and its your fault y u got hit, dont forget we have a war, dumb ass

  • (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Cam Asutra: “Quote from Dark_Tyrant: “Quote from Agrippa: “You open a thread to make yourself look a hero but you make yourself look a coward who cannot fight alone without your pack of dogs. ” only a fool will enter alone the enemies stronghold. you Loser low minded brat ! ask your friends for assistance and do not complain on us., THIS IS WAR. , do you think I enjoy attacking your alliance stronghold, its so boring, i want to finish it already. your alliance is so weak, ” you put a …

  • (Hidden Content) Edit - Added spoiler - Hera

  • Quote from Cam Asutra: “Quote from Dark_Tyrant: “both alliance should keep safe their resources or else pay the consequences. Good luck in both side. I hope 77 members of TOB is a real player that could penetrate our main territory and give us more excitement in war. I'm looking for potential player in TOB that can stress my teammate. a player that will force me to create troops for war not just ordinary pillage troops only. ” ahahah !! the condition on resources is on favor of the DU30... just …

  • Dont Cry

    MrChairman - - Kaikias Archive


    Quote from Cam Asutra: “tyrant looks good when he attacks player with less upgraded and less units :') but he doesn't know how calculate the inland garrison limite XD it's funny ... ” crying baby "snippety snip snip" Warned - Helen357