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  • Okay thank you

  • I wanted to ask about having multi accounts. If I start a second account and have its towns on my islands, set up an ip sharing agreement and only use that new account to donate to the mills, would I be violating any rules? If the rules were to change in the future so it were violating the rules, would I be given notice to stop? Thanks

  • In my opinion, 4 warehouses is a bit much. Maybe 2 or 3 and upgrade them to higher levels to compensate for not having a 4th. You then have space for more stuff. I have a level 32 winery in all of my towns to help keep wine costs down. Also getting a maxed carpenter and architect in each town as early as possible is good for when you start going for expensive building upgrades like the palace/governor's residence, museum etc. I don't actually have any sulphur towns since I rarely train troops an…

  • Being Occupied

    Drylath - - Help and Questions Archive


    I'm new to warfare so my experience is near zero. My questions are to do with when one of my towns is occupied but the port isn't blockaded. If I station a large enough fleet there to guard the town from being blockaded, but I dont make any efforts to free the town from the occupation, what happens? Since their land troops are occupying my town but I have a large fleet stationed in that town, can they get their troops back? If they can, how? If not, can I just leave the town occupied to keep the…