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  • That fight is really a close one. Good job to both side!, hope we have the same kind of battles! And nice Story you got going in there. 2 thumbs up for yah mate

  • I dont even know where to start.. haha @chym Lets clear things out, First we WOlf are supposedly with 420 and OUT declare war on you guys NORTH, >Reason is that most of the WORLD in UCH vs THe WORLD are pissed at you guys how we felt betrayed by your decisions and actions. " you cant blame us if we feel this way, you guys put yourself in that position when you did not join the war and showed that you guys at any form help UCH instead of helping the WORLD. > I personally attacked and was about to…

  • As far im concerned supposedly on WOLF side we are going to attack NORTH, this was our plan even during UCH war due to your support on them and not because OUT or 420 asked us to join them, but i did not know what happen but our leadership he said to withdraw ,i remember him saying NORTH are coward and pointless to attack because they will run anyway, ask oxab to clarify XD. So i myself withdraw my troops i was about to attack your stronghold "was stuck on a mobile with no port LMAO then run int…

  • @Pepi great fight i believe this kinds of battle is what im looking for and not those 5 round scatter, colossus and all those crappy fight from before and i can say we wolf can back our words. Its too bad most of my teammates dont know how to wave and importance of forge, at least now we were able to try it and learned alot of strat. I slept on the last HOF too it was one hell of a fight shave a lot of your general, able to drain indra. i think this is a good achievement on our part already even…

  • I suggest you guys just come on our island, PEpi is visiting and we surely appreciate the help from other alliances, it seems the actions are on us let the blood bath begins. Cheers!

  • sad @Indra i thought your gonna fight it til the bitter end. you owe me coffee for last night. haha Great fight thnx! (Hidden Content)

  • @eijipe im going to take a nap. thanks for reminding me. And tell indra he owes me the best brewed coffee last night. wahahahaha

  • OFC he cant @eijipe his angelic. cant drop a serious trash T, because that report button would be handy. haha How many round will it last, he need those carabins.

  • @eijipe IC, see you soon indra needs your help. ow and that defend strat to save your troops my first time knowing that XD @Pepi mafia are waiting for you to visit them i think, too bad indra beat you to us.

  • >Damn a lot of tension bet. UCH and MAfia, maybe you guys can have at it after this war?? >Pepi is not there so i guess you guys can go for PEPI. >Just to clarify we invited UCH in our island so its not like they choose us, beside we are only fighting INDRA and Eijipe, We have enough of hide and seek if your going for the damage count then you can use those annoying strat just to collect damage, >we just want to have our last fight and be done with it. besides we are learning with our fight, we …

  • Thnx @Indra your a man of your word. (Hidden Content)

  • @Indrathank you we will be waiting Cheers! Would be fun if OUt comes and join the fight in *snip* right? EDIT - Coordinates removed - Kikoguns

  • Quote from Indra: “i invited entire server, promised not to retreat all my gunners and mortars at the end, guaranteed safe passsage without blocking ports, what else can i do? wrap to *snip*`? where? all towns have ports blocked and occupied and no space to teleport., and what other option was there? .. wolf gave 1 decent fight with toad where i just used up my front line, all other alliances gave no decent fights at all and mafia just ran away and came with excuses from all directions, outlaw a…

  • Quote from Pepi: “Quote from Bathalana: “i Guess maybe dont declare war vs the world if you cant go everywhere?Anyway WOLF will be at 59 50 until the war ends. Gold is depleting fast in our part too. ” That's a really funny invitation. want's us to move to 59:50 but takes all the slots so you couldn't warp in. haha ” too bad your ambro cant help you with that? Quote from Absolute: “Quote from Bathalana: “Quote from Absolute: “Quote from Bathalana: “@Indra we wont go to 49 52 as it is a massacre …

  • Quote from Absolute: “Quote from Bathalana: “@Indra we wont go to *snip* as it is a massacre for us to enter there, come to us instead if you want land troop battle. WOLF army is in there waiting to be massacred and end this war for us already thanks. ” Funny how every alliance is asking us to go where their troops are lol. I mean you guys are more than 5 and we are 1. We cant go everywhere, thats why we are asking you to come to 49:52 ” i Guess maybe dont declare war vs the world if you cant go…

  • @Indra we wont go to *snip* as it is a massacre for us to enter there, come to us instead if you want land troop battle. WOLF army is in there waiting to be massacred and end this war for us already thanks. EDIT - Warned - Kikoguns

  • UCH vs The World

    Bathalana - - Hephaistos Archive


    @Pepi Thats why i said if you could update those that are participating or not this needs to be sorted out so to be fair to all alliance, or is it part of the strategy for you guys and us not to know who will participate?? Either way it will greatly benefit us if UCH dont know who will participate and not.

  • UCH vs The World

    Bathalana - - Hephaistos Archive


    @MekhaStosha to be clear that is just an EXAMPLE of a real RL threat, no way on earth would i do that and i would never say something like to that to anyone. And its an off topic already, i wish all alliance involve the best. Cheers for making the Server alive in the coming days.

  • UCH vs The World

    Bathalana - - Hephaistos Archive


    Telling someone important to them to just die if your telling the truth or not. i merely told it to see if his telling the truth something like an illness would befall you if your telling a lie. thats just a mere expression. and a pretty sick shaman skill there. Im pretty sure your exaggerating too much. *snip* Edit - Hera

  • @chym I see your intention was good but i think next time you should not declare such things if your not in the leadership.. Will have to wait for your leader to clarify things and i do hope UCH will update the tread to enlighten us.