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  • Quote from Benjamenx: “Quote from 48 Day Walk: “(Hidden Content) ” Oho! Man seeing this kind of CR really is making my day. I know it's pathetic. even though I'm not playing I'm still trying to keep tabs on SYN from time to time via the threads. Damn @Deadly. you really drew me hard to the game! (in the good sense, not in a bad sense -- "bad" tone is just for humor) Man, I remember when I was in long discussion with Runaras back in the day regarding his joining SYN, and now look at how things tu…

  • New Year's Eve

    Lord of Demise - - Eunomia Archive


    What will you guys do in new year's eve I am excpecting smth more than just a Happy new year greeting card

  • ct requests

    Lord of Demise - - Eunomia Archive


    6 CTs

  • Ah come on, I am gone for ONE week and I read this........ Oh, who are you again?

  • Quote from Benjamenx: “Quote from DarkLord of ICE: “Quote from minhducvt293: “I see LOD left SYN ? ” Guess where he's going ” Well, considering the similarity between the 2 of you(LOD and DLoI) - no wonder LOD decided to leave eventually. and I also guess he decided to move to RED, since his dear friend DLoI is there now.I mean, I have a feeling he grew tired of SYN and decided to do something else. quite legitimate, I'd say. The wonder is that SYN managed to last this long, while other alliance…

  • Quote from shadow demon: “move on guys. The war is over. Thanks satanas for pointing out. For us we won already. Syn is rallying now but most of our members are already on sims mode. We dont care anymore. So this is how syn plays? Fighting when they know they will win cause we r not rezponding anymore. Just like before. Like a wise man? Win before you fight? Where is the thrill? Of course we can have another war but i suggest to have some break. Our leader just got a spank from his gf bahahah! G…

  • Quote from Deadly: “@Deizel @Spectra Good leaders are not the ones who command only for the sake of commanding, leaders also bend the knee when it's best for their people/members/alliance. I, when I was leading SYN, asked Deizel to let go on wars and grow larger but TEA wanted to taste the fun so they had a small war with SYN and later on with other alliances which completely demolished their growth... Tbh random wars, or wars at the wrong time are devastating. As a previous leader of SYN, I wil…

  • Quote from shadow demon: “Congratz PH. Nov 4. Ikariam time. 0:0 has passed already. Stop crying guyz. The date is posted in the declaration. Just accept it. Bahahahahaha! *snip* hey flames. Ddnt saw u until now. Seriously. Only ihatemylife was there. So dont lift ur self with saying ur with them. haha. ” buddy, you delayed the declaration, you are leeching off one player, you dont know how to fight, you ended the war before it should end..... trust me, you didnt win the war Excessive smilies rem…

  • I will just list a series of fives...... it is an inside joke right @Kikoguns xD

  • Quote from shadow demon: “common guys. Its just a game. Stop blaming each other. You need to love one another. ” for the first and probably the last time in my life, I agree with you xD

  • so what no battles, let us hit them

  • *Grabbing popcorn* @Benjamenx I meant nowadays

  • buddy, I did worse to players like you before, apologize and he will forgive you..... @DarkLord of ICE we have a war to fight eh?

  • Quote from Deizel: “Quote from Benjamenx: “SYN is not having a peaceful time these days, I hope that you'll remain united through it all and not start losing members, like what happened with TEA. ” i don't think they will have what we have a for losing member because my member ware afraid . as for 60% of SYN player are ready to fight even if they lose that way they are a good war alliance maybe not the best but until now they are from the 3 best war alliance in the server . ” so who is the third…

  • Quote from bytehead: “and here we go again? I know man. I know. Your good on making stories not combat reports . 350 you say? Really haha you made them scattered? So fighting less than 10 fleets made you great? Im so disappointed to you LOD. Talk big, run fast. dont declare world war when all you can do is run. Im really getting tired and bored. you made me bored.. Run LOD, ruuunnnnn ” @I Hate My Lifee you respond, plus you can ask Kid where his ships went

  • Quote from battleship1992: “Quote from satanas: “MYself i tend not to post crs up if a gauntlet is active, just a personal preference. Maybe laziness actually, yup thats where my money goes ” same idea, maybe just let the gauntlet does it job. ” same

  • Quote from bytehead: “Hello LOD, you said "For everyone that knows me, I do not know deafeat I will keep on fighting till my last breath, and I fight for honor not loot" But what you did is "RUN" ??? Where's your dont know defeat and keep on fighting (running you mean?) till you last breath? You really talked big and run fast, i adore you for that. I dont think declaring a world war is a good idea when you can only do is avoid us and run run run Oh by the way you posted on our thread "quit talki…

  • Quote from Nomore: “Quote from Lord of Demise: “Hello boys ” HI LOD, what are you gonna do now? We all know you are not good in this game SYN just wants you because you are an ambrosia user hahaha (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) ” well I am going to come after you buddy.... if I was an ambroisa user dont you think I could have bought some packages thar would help me manage? You are so pathetic nomore, I called you for a 1v1 fight and you bring 4, I still scattered 376 ships and I still held yo…

  • Hello boys