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  • we didnt attack your core mafia, cos you before the war even began, all cried that ur gonna go vacation mode and we wont have a war with you anyway. so why would i waste ambrosia to port again like i did when we 1vs1 and i won? the war was vs server not vs your alliance only, so when you whine cos we ignored you is well deserved from your part. we invited you this time, and you ran away, so its your own fault you didnt have the fun with all the rest of us and ended up being sidelined. now UCH is…

  • the hof with over 2mil dmg, and all i see is mafia talk who didnt even participate. i have my last 300 swords and hops and im taking a well deserved vacation from ikariam thnx all for participating and big thnx for WOLVES who gave us a chance for big battles and many hofs

  • *snip* . no problem, im done writing here, this thread shouldve been crs only anyway. i dont dislike anyone and i do enjoy our fighting 2nd day now i dont enjoy wasting my time however. take care, have fun, and thnx for the war. Warning discussion - Vaire

  • you won cos yo sank 1 ram ship more then we did, congrats again

  • mafia does the least fighting and the most talking. you are not noobs, you are simply cowards and exuse makers. winning - yes - congrats, youre amazing for winning. if you were actually fighting it would be even better. imagine winning in actual fights and not sneak up on newest players and even there loosing. w.e im done wit you if you dont fight then dont spam this thread that doesnt belong to you. we manage just fine without you in it

  • (Hidden Content) desvic stop abusing multis that are not even included in this war.

  • kid, where else would we do anything against mafia, youre not even existing in game, just running and hiding so impossible to do anything against something that is nothing Trolling - Vaire

  • desvic you have time for digging up what people say months ago lol.. i dont have time for .. w.e this is but i dont run, i have more offensive then all u combined soon, and i do win battles in dmg count esp. those that matter so idk whats ur point there. i win in offensive points, and in dmg count, and i sleep very well.. that hof i slept most of it through.. and im busy irl for w.e ur "trying" to say

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) and 2 hofs

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) a few smaller battles

  • im not done yet bitter end reorganised themselves a bit late.. and i did loose gunners cos those didnt hold the flanks.. but yes almost done, generals almost gone, thought war ends today but its until 30th.. oh well but im done almost thnx wolves you have way more armies then i thought.. couldnt solo haha i just kept looking at the incoming crazy.. wouldve made like 4 or 5 hofs if i didnt attack all those towns at start

  • Quote from sultanvon: “…99bf3ab982b6b3578db64e55a Btw, great battle happening right now. 10,000 units vs 10 docs & 20 cooks. Come join here @Indra if you're bored. Oh I forgot, you don't have golds. Oh anyway, good night ” this kinda sums up what mafia is and how they war.. hope you had fun with your cooks and docs, and im out of army not out of gold, i used it up fighting a war. i have almost more offensive points alone then ur entire alliance combined, mafia

  • exactly no point in talking

  • going to sleep, tired, will continue tomorrow. to fight people who have balls and not your kind whatever that might be.. 300k is whining not winning

  • check the top 15 in offensive points, the only 1 from mafia is general batro who agreed to wait for me and ran away. and thats the only top 15.. from your entire alliance. we have more then double points as alliance and more then triple in average points, and similar with defence points. we had a war against you and now against server, you had war against us and against outlaws. but you are not even close to anything comparable by any parameters, just loosers who run and whine about it. and ur "…

  • i did leave my area, your hero desvic said he would wait for me.. i attacked hundreds of citeis during this war and finally after teleporitng my town i managed to get a good fight with entire server against me. im loosing big time and its fun AF, well loosing cos my army is nothing compared to server army and i admit it, even tho im winning in dmg its not all about dmg really.. and mafia hiding crying about smth instead of joining the fun. w.e im done with you

  • you were invited to join others to fight us, instead chose to stay hiding in your cave, so stay there, the war is fun without you in it. i think now that wolves are a way better alliance then you are, with all your knowledge and skill and active trolling. and you can also split up, declare the war mafia vs mafia, noobs vs noobs, and run and hide from one another, that would be a blast, and troll on forums in addition.

  • mafia youre not even 10% of dmg of what was the count again.. like from 10 alliances ur no.10 thats how important you are, if you like hiding then hide, noone cares.

  • kid, and all mafia, you "CONSIDERED" attacking us and decided ur cowards, so no point in even talking to you anymore, go hide in your cave trolls.

  • i finally have time to actually follow what im doing i have a 1 year old daughter and she has impecable timing.. for waking up, eating, and playing and attention requirement... yep it seems like most of the server is there (except runaways mafia ofc. ) this should be fun i made too many mistakes hope i recover now