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  • Request for a merge!

    UNiQ - - Demeter Archive


    Any news about this ?

  • Warning to PHX

    UNiQ - - Eunomia Archive


    @dont be a barking dog Excuse me , Every thread I look I see you crying about DLoL running away ..? This is how the games goes . Running away is one of the game strategy , why would DLoL not run when he sees a big amount of army units going for his army ? Should he just stay and sacrifice his army for nothing ? No my friend he should run away + His a pro I see .. I cant believe you guys cant handle him ? wtf man .. Since I played ikariam 5-6 years ago I never saw a loser alliance as PHX . there …

  • @The_Noble_One I totally agree=

  • @Tesco Some of our members ( TEA ) are at the losing side because there army are completely destroyed , I'm not really sure about that but I asked some players around and that's what they told me .

  • Strongest battle record till now on Eunomia sever . Well done for both sides but specially TEA for victory . Nice team work

  • One question for -PH . Ending of war conditions He have 2 options, 1. He will demolish his temple and never create again in 41:48 or; 2. He will make it lvl 14 and assign all the priest. The war will end 3 days after he accomplished one of the two options. The question is what if Deizel our leader does not accomplish one of these options the war will keep going on till ever ?

  • DarkLord of ICE vs PHOENIX (PHX)

    UNiQ - - Eunomia Archive


    Wish you good luck DarkLord