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  • Issue solved. Can be locked.

  • Quote from JaY: “Quote from Draxo: “Quote from JustKidding: “I want my money back, because it's nowhere written in the description this would happen. ” It's also nowhere written that the building should change, it's only your assumption which was wrong. ” Really as Game Staff I would honestly think you would be more professional.... That is just poor form. Quote from JustKidding: “Note: This building doesn`t currently provide any bonus as the respective luxury good is not present on the island. …

  • Note: This building doesn`t currently provide any bonus as the respective luxury good is not present on the island. Now I receive this error after moving my town, however it seemed logical to me that it would change when you move your town,. That's common sense when you pay lots of money for it. Been upgrading the building for days for the movement. This is ridiculous! I want my money back, because it's nowhere written in the description this would happen.

  • Is Ikariam for sale? Maybe someone else can do it better. xD No, really I don't want to be the little whining b..guy. But this is getting ridiculous, right?

  • Greetings JustKidding! A new server is waiting for you to come and colonise it! From 06.12.2018 you will be able to once again make a name for yourself in this island world. Discover, construct, research and eke out your place at the top of the new highscore! Register on Lips! You are just kidding, right?....

  • ikariam dead game

    JustKidding - - Game Discussion


    Quote from chocolate: “I feel like the multi accounts are really what is killing the game a lot to. Like so many people use it to there advantage ” Maybe that is true, however I believe that the end-user is also responsible for how they decide to use the rules. They can either use it only for their own advantage, which in the current state of inactivity makes sense due to the difficulty in donating. Keep in mind, it is calculated for sixteen spots with ever player inactive, opining up one spot. …

  • EBB vs -N-

    JustKidding - - Hades Archive


    Why would such a large and fairly strong alliance attack an building upcoming alliance like -N-, in a game that struggles with inactivity? O_O?

  • Apperently there have been some miscommunication within our alliance due to the unfortunate planning of the war between EBB and TPR while we were prepairing to go in war with ESNI. This all caused confusion and accusations that were not based on facts, but on the reasons written above. We all know it can be difficult to control 45 active members at the beginning of a war. It takes a moment to straighten everything out and to reply on all questions internally It is unfortunate that ESNI is acting…

  • WAR: EBB vs. ESNI

    JustKidding - - Hades Archive


    Butehm, GMaster is not from Eastern Phoenix

  • Still a few days, hopefully we get some action. However, I noticed that over 1 million in total score in INF is either banned or inactive. (28 of the 39 are active)

  • Well I don't think the issue is people that leave the server for a new one, if I check the total score from 1 to 400 just about 10% of that is inactive/vacation mode, if we go future some more will be inactive but overal I think it's still an okay server. The issue is that they keep opening new servers and because of that new people wont signup in Hades because it's not the last server anymore. More chance they accidentally join Alpha or something.xD A server merge, I don't know. I'd be pissed A…

  • I found this thread with Google doing some extra research on perfecting my way on quick building in Ikariam in 2018. As it has been some years ago that I played, but I have to respond with my version of the hide out To be honest I think that Hide Outs aren't always necessary, the way I do it is; I make sure that I own 4 warehouses which will be high enough to keep a lot of resources safe. Let's say an upgrade from a governor residence level 7 to 8 takes 200K Sulphur. In order to safely gather th…

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  • Well he is the only one replying xD

  • Well actually Adz, Than I rather start a war with another alliance, one that is not complaining.

  • Sorry, I do not understand what you are trying to say.

  • Well, honestly I do not really know who "Goat" is. Apparently he is a known fighter or something. Neither do I care about any names around here at all. I play the game for fun, never had a feeling to make a name or anything. If, these strong players want to challenge me, I wouldn't mind and I'm not 'concerned' about anything. About the pre-attacks before the war, I really don't see the problem here? If you want to play the blame card go ahead, but don't forget that it was Infinity that promised …