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  • Pepi vs Juggalo

    joylesscato - - Hephaistos Archive


    Quote from Pepi: “78 Rounds! biggrin.png 1 vs 1 (Pepi vs Juggalo) everyone else were spectators. 11.05.2018 11:52:02Juggalo[MaFiA]'s miracle 'Colossus' has been activated. (Hidden Content) ” very impressive CR well done

  • soo... talking about colossus. My friend here just got coloed after round 2... 20k GS colossus vs my 5k GS... (Hidden Content)

  • I was fighting against 3 armies lol what do you expect... I activated colo lv4/5 after 12 rounds... But yeah... whatever... always find excuses.

  • ahahahah

  • Quote from Barbarians: “Too many noobs in those CRs. Haiz, no excuses mates. I will bring those noobs in front of DVE's military court :)))))) ” lool I didn't know chung was noob... Battlefield told me he was decent. But like I said, without loons or cats... I was handicapped too! There were rounds in which the noobs vominpath and hieungoc had sent like 48 mortars and I was going crazy for not being able to bomb the hell out of them...

  • Thanks for the battles today guys. I really had fun :), we fought on equal terms on many rounds. Here are a few things I would like to point out, since I know there will be some that will find excuses: 1) I had to use colo, DLoI was not there since he is busy and I was fighting 3 players.... 2) I would have gapped much more in terms of dmg but thanks to cheeky vominpath my baloons, mortars and cats are on a nice trip in a far away land... 3) For the ones that will argue "oh u had defence advanta…

  • Quote from battleship1992: “(Hidden Content) ” Maybe I should start defending dve cities when sleeping too

  • Mmm, I don't think so, tell him to be clearer... If he writes pm, I expect pm.... On the 05.05.18 - 15:08 chí phèo wrote: >current is 16.06. server time >.may be at 5:30 pm server?

  • jesus guys ahahaha... Btw barb dve too escaped many times, so don't play innocent like your alliance always fights... Chung defended me two days ago, chi pheo always asks me to fight, I give him the chance the weekend and he doesn't come. It's really fine, everyone wants to fight when the feel like they will win... I've seen dve defending cities many times....

  • Quote from Barbarians: “Quote from Benjamenx: “Just a small humour break: DVE -- Delusional (who think they are) "Veterans and Empowered" ” LoL, a retired/rejected man who has nothing to do on this server anymore, yet still want to put his mouth into every threads, toady SYN and ICE.LMFAO! ” Ikr loool he is everywhere!

  • I just want to put it out there that chi pheo and I had organised to meet 6:30 pm sever time for a 1v1 and he did not show up...

  • For us interested spectators, is it possible to have an updated score count ?

  • you instead, without even meaning it, are indeed a funny one... . And you need to see the battle's details before talking... He went in with everything, plus I took away his artillery, another one could have easily wiped me out in that occasion... And about "running away"... maybe your allies strategy is to fight until last man standing. If I have 2.5k gen left with bad compo of course I'm gonna white flag...

  • less talking and more cr's ? Just see above? I fought chi pheo many times. Ok we didn't have a 1v1 for hours... I didn't see nothing special from him tho... Look above? I had 4k gen he had 13k+ on 5154+ navy support and he still lost...?

  • Quote from Barbarians: “Quote from .Kronos.: “In regards to what barbarian was saying. Auru and Hillar were very much online and had a combined total of nearly 30k generals so I would hardly call them weak at this point. When you arrived, there just wasn't time to kill an additional 1.3k ships between you and vomin. I'm sure hinegoc or Zkluvz weren't far off if we started slugging it out as well. You were right in the fact we didn't beat YOU. However we did beat eesti up pretty bad. You can chec…

  • Quote from .Kronos.: “Auru was playing with fire today and got burned: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) ” Awesome!!

  • Well guys, keep it nice, is just a game. For people that say we fight when not online: I just pushed back chi pheo with a multi account that has 4k gen... So yeah... Btw battleship, most players you cited above ^ they are not in ICE anymore . And for what concerns 1v1, as soon as i finish exams I am more than willing to give it to you. In the meanwhile, check out my defence 1) I see valko is being attacked but with little or no artillery (7 rounds battle lol) (Hidden Content) 2) I attack to stop…

  • Quote from Barbarians: “Oh look like ICE only dare to fight with EE, I show up and bytehead + valkonos running away , woah, it's typical ICE we know. Fight the weak (and sleeping enemies) and show off nice CRs. Typical DLOI's followers. Boring. DVE (previous: 3rdA) always fight with bigger players in GG, SYN and even GKS. While SYN and ICE always find the smaller ones to fight, yet they still call DVE as "unworthy", "pathetic", "disrespect", "dishonor" . LMFAO ! ” we don't need to prove ourselve…

  • Quote from Barbarians: “Oh now the mighty DLOI even post CRs below 200 gen ? Have a mid-sem break for 1 week, still in a good shape. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) ” not bad, not bad.

  • that's what I call a swift punishment. DLoI