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  • Mmm.. you rang? ahhh you just can't go a post without saying my name. Such a devoted fanboy. :3 Good job pointing out something already brought up multiple times in this thread that is STILL completely irrelevant to this topic. Thanks for sticking with it. giphy.gif

  • awww, cute my number one fan is still ranting and raving about me. Adorbs. some small fry crs while I was just putzing around (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • whew , thanks for posting LD cause that means I can post the rest of my crs (sorry the previous thread was just too long for the forum to handle) so brave (Hidden Content) brave (Hidden Content) super brave (Hidden Content) hunt bravely fighting COM in my town (Hidden Content) bravely braving brave (Hidden Content) so brave (Hidden Content) bravely suiciding (Hidden Content) Nice examples of bravery. I've been up in your core pillaging your members the entire war, taken no damage to my towns, an…

  • Quote from eViLeMpIRe27: “"Remember Medoria and her gang are bringing the Wolverines eternal wars. They brought so much bad blood with them from Delta and others servers that no matter where they are they will be in eternal wars. That is why they are tag hiding and trying to hijack -W-. " Hmmmm....this war was over piracy. Had nothing to do with Medoria and her "goons". So not sure why she is being targeted here xzelphi? Also, there seems to be lot of talk about Delta. I also came from Delta. Lo…

  • Yep, everyone can see what type of CRs we are posting. How .. observant of you captain obvious. You hear that Wolverines, we gotta FIGHT BRAVE. lulz giphy.gif You keep using these absurd words to describe your pixel dreams jaggy, I'm sure someday they will be like.. totally relevant. Am I... doing it right? How does one BRAVELY send in their game troops? (Hidden Content) Please inform us oh wise one... (Hidden Content) Maybe... like this? (Hidden Content) Any warmer? (Hidden Content) I'm just no…

  • kthks for the heart warming messages xzelphi tumblr_lvnms3qkwB1qzxkvt.jpg (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • HOF Medoria vs TEM

    Medoria - - Alpha Archive


    Ahem I kindly remind everyone that this thread is about Medoria vs TEM, there is already a W / COM thread for you to spam with nonsense kthks.

  • HOF Medoria vs TEM

    Medoria - - Alpha Archive


    yeah yeah, sometimes you just don't wanna wave

  • Wow get over it. I attacked stella a week ago and they went vmode, I attacked ozzy and they went vmode, vmode is a part of the game, you don't see the rest of us on the boards sobbing over our inability to handle a legit part of the game, so what's your problem? (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) mushie is mad at me :< (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • :3 i'm in your core, causing trouble, come catch me if you can~ (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) And what's this... oh noooo a colossus... oh Jungo/jaggoo / whomever, go ahead and pull the foot out of your mouth, i'll wait. (Hidden Content) lol did you think a coloss was gonna stop me? :3 (Hidden Content) aww, and look who "retreated like a coward"... it's okay King of Hunt, unlike your leadership I know tactical retreating is a good thing You were being slaughtered while your alliance mates lo…

  • Thanks for the compliments about our perfect coordination, but I don't really understand what you are implying. Ip share accounts can't exactly coordinate as they cannot be in the same fights so um.. Who exactly do you think my multis are? Also who would have the time to manage 10+ accounts on alpha? I also play on Beta, Rho and Pi. I have multis on alpha but only because I played on other servers and alpha itself before the merge and it's certainly no where near close to 10 accounts. If a GO wo…

  • HOF Medoria vs TEM

    Medoria - - Alpha Archive


    In the continuing saga of "Please stop ignoring me Medoria" I present TEM in their "glory" - a classic set it and forget it moment (Hidden Content)

  • yes, so brave smashing pixels against other pixels. I bet that takes a lot of courage, you should like, totally get a medal of honor or something. for how braaaaaaave you are. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Sorry for how utterly un-brave / cowardly / insertotherridiculousadjectivetodescribeagame my battles are- I really have been meaning to talk to the hoplites but they are so busy getting drunk on Hunt wine and are having a hard time grasping the concept of making their pixels brave. Please …

  • Wow xzelphii, are you trying to join my fan club or something? You realize, of course, that Delta was not the only server I played on and that I know the people in W from other servers right? Also I've been home secretary of W since I joined. It's cute to hear how hurt/aweinspired/conspiracytheoristy you are over DMN's glorious reign on Delta and Meow's little romp of fun on Alpha, but honestly I fail to see how any of that means diddly to this war or W. You keep on grasping at straws though, it…

  • I apologize if there are any repeat CRs but it seems the enemy likes posting their losing damage crs against me so I can't keep track. I have a lot of fans, you know. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Aww, COM, life is really rough for you. "We don't post CRs that's why we are losing in damages " "I was on a phone ;___; " yadayada This is us playing the world's smallest violin for you: giphy.gif Cheer up COM. I'm sure you are just ramping up, will win after your decade long war, insert some other excuse, etc etc.

  • :3 did someone mention me? I think they did. Go on, tell me more about me. Why didn't you post the CRs? Did you not want people to see things like this? (Hidden Content) Guys you hear this?? Hunt is ALMOST READY. tumblr_nkejbxBPWZ1rrx588o1_250.gif

  • Come on guys, isn't it clear by the one pixel lines that are green what a Coward I am? Nevermind the tons of damage I've done with posted crs, the fact that they are so desperate for CRs they post losing damage CRs, the fact that I planted and pillaged in their core for a week which is a good DAY away from my towns, the fact that it's a game and attributing something like cowardice to it in any regard is preposterous, or the fact that our cowardly eyes are unable to see the true rapture of this …

  • Psh, for the record I kicked the people out of -W- that were dropped and feel free to pillage them to your hearts content cause they were players that didn't make the cut in W - mostly perma vmode players so good luck pillaging them anyways. Your time to get pissy about piracy came during spring cleaning, deal with it. I hear a lot of whining about how we aren't a worthy opponent or about how players are gone or about retreating, but what that translates to is: you are upset that you can't fight…

  • Well, if gf hadn't screwed all the crs I would have more than this and would have the full cr of this... (Hidden Content)