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  • Quote from MrSniperZ: “We are aware of that bug and it's already forwarded to the GameForge. It will be fixed soon. ” When will "soon" be? Next week? Would be really great!

  • TMM VS NF HOF #27

    Themohcuh - - Rho Archive


    Nice fight, but how did you manage to kill that amout of fleet without the enemy having tenders or an active Ares? I cant see that he have called back his fleet. So it looks a bit buggy for me, would be nice if you could explain it to me Edit: And how did you lost your carriers without the enemy having speedboats?

  • Femal winter adviser

    Themohcuh - - Test Server ONLY


    General Data Browser (+full version data): FF 49 Extensions: - Did you try deleting the cache/cookies?: Y A summary: No help Account Data (in Options ingame) Player-ID:229655 InGame Name: Black Scorpion Other/Further Information: I bought the femal adviser package, now I actived the "snow" but now there are the old "snow" advisers. Are there no femal snow event adivsers? Screenshot (please do not alter):