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  • Quote from Tesco: “ depends if they bring out a new server. More people will go join the new server killing this one. My problem is with this server is there is to much inexperience players so for the people at the top it's abit boring. If the server goes on for a while maybe others will grow into the server and make it more enjoyable for everyone. But at the moment we are bullying 3rd place alliances just by sending an attack and that's just not fun. ” Honestly, players have to play for some ti…

  • Quote from Tesco: “Quote from liamse22: “Although the server is pretty young still, as new peeps are still coming in a lot of new alliances will be born ” 4 months old mate. The last 2 servers only lasted 3 months each. This is nearing the end of its life ” Why people leave servers? More I progress I find it more enjoyable to play... Shame if Eunomia dies before September when I can return playing it more...

  • You are Kermit, that's none of your business I personally like the low level walls with brave musketeers

  • Quote from Tesco: “I like the idea. I would like to push for all missions over 75% to successed as mine never win also. However 56% wins everytime Got to love the spy missions. Lost 2 at 95% today. Not my day. Hopefully they didn't give the guy all my details. My address, DOB, social security number, mother madon name ect ect. Stupid spies. ” Hahaha 56% and 67% are like 100% chance of success, they never fail

  • In my opinion, to be honest, Diezel just became the worst leader in history of Ikariam, he led his alliance into stupid war and let his allies lose a lot of army and resources, all that because of one temple... Can't believe this haha...

  • Quote from minhducvt293: “Well, this war could be much more interesting if you attacked div 4 first (or we were near your cap). We, div 4, pumped Crystal for 1 member to research mortal quickly and sell us 3 weeks ago (Yes, we did prepare for this period when every alliance trying to prove themselves). If you left the battlefield 1 round later then your entire SGs would be destroyed by 2x mortals coming in the next wave. And we all know that if we don't fight this hard, other alliances such as O…

  • Warning to PHX

    Dzon Snijezni - - Eunomia Archive


    Quote from Tesco: “Stop saying TM this is 1 player hitting you just Dlol it's embarrassing. Middle of growth? You have people who can take out 1 person. You just sound worse every time you speak please just stop because it's only looking worse for you ” I approve of this. More you talk, less good for you... Define middle of growth Bytehead? For Kral Lodos 300k points might be only a start... Honestly, I think it is a shame that you are braging here... But that is my opinion which may be wrong ha…

  • Warning to PHX

    Dzon Snijezni - - Eunomia Archive


    As someone mentioned earlier, there are plenty of ways to defeat a stronger player (raid boss, in this case DLoI ;)), you just need one player with the brain and knowledge and rest of the alliance/group to listen to him. If one alliance doesnt have atleast one who knows something about game and rest of 43 members who cant follow the simply tasks/mission given by the brain (player with the knowledge/the one who comes with a strategy), then question yourselves... I am not saying it is easy nor tha…

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  • Good luck DLol, I hope you will keep us entertained with some nice CRs.

  • Quote from satanas: “Erm.... Just gonna leave this here. (Hidden Content) ” Wow you must be really proud of yourself defeating almost 5 times weaker player. Wow good job man. I admire you

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  • Quote from The_Noble_One: “P.S. We are really turning this thread into post anything that is on your mind.. ” Go to private chat, dont bother people that would like to discuss matters of this thread.

  • Quote from The_Noble_One: “Not my fault that DLoL was being unreasonable. So you had to step in.. ” Well I dont think he is unreasonable, considering the fact that me and him managed to work things out... Question yourself here...

  • Quote from DarkLord of ICE: “People should really learn to watch what they say and be prepared to back up their words with actions... DLoI ” Yea, not as Noble_One did few days ago, right? But thank god there is someone to dig him out of sh*t when he buries himself down...

  • Noble one is Varstos... Yea we chatted that day. I dont really know, I blame both sides.

  • I am on side with Deadly here. They have the right to do it. As Deadly said, maybe they are practicing their attacks for a future wars. If not, they can still do what they want. Increase your storage and they wont be able to pillage anything.

  • Quote from Tesco: “Quote from Dzon Snijezni: “Quote from Tesco: “fair enough then, kinda looks better with just 1 name poor guy took three of you to kill an none alliance player Quote from Dzon Snijezni: “But that's none of your business ” hey if you guys want to post all over my threads i will happily jump in yours ” You didn't get the joke... What I wrote is part of meme in which your profile picture is used. Learn your stuff Kermit... ” damn me and forgetting my own memes. Me: tell him it was…