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  • (Hidden Content)

  • 15 CTs! IGN: Hemlock

  • 17 CTs open for IGN: Hemlock 10 CTS open for IGN: Havelock

  • Since the war's wrapping up, I want to say that Drooch in particular was a vigilant fighter. He has a certain ferocity I admire. Dr. Gonzo, I owe you a shot of vodka. Perhaps when we are on the same side in a war, I will deliver the finest Ikariam has to offer to you. We had good conversations, and you seem like a good guy. Major Al, I don't feel like I tangoed with you all that much, but I saw your ships all over the place. In terms of area control, DiG was top-notch. I haven't seen so many MEH…

  • Fat lady will sing soon. She sings for mooooooooortarships. Ahh, the infinite damage ratio. (Hidden Content)

  • #1 OP for the first time in this new world. 1st Hemlock MEH 252,999 MEH Alliance OP 1st DILLIGAF(MEH) 30 895,477 MEH Alliance DP 1st DILLIGAF(MEH) 30 613,092 Taking out a Nun to lunch. (Hidden Content) Small smackdown. (Hidden Content) Here's some pillaging of a guy who seems unaware that he was in a war, based on his threat to sic DiG on me. Lots and lots of looting. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Supreme, meet War-born Mechanized Ducks. War-born Mechs, meet supper. Every WMD needs to have their caloric needs fulfilled- and chomping on those mortarships is better than any energy drink (Hidden Content)

  • Whew- long battle that ended with my Heph running out sooner than I thought- forgot I didn't set it at 0 cooldown. Whoops- so that turned my battle into a minor loss instead of a minor win. =P (Hidden Content) I did find some Nuns unprotected. (Hidden Content)

  • "Where's all the MEH navy? I can never find them!" says Drooch. Next day or so, he Colossuses the guy he was making fun of. Now, I have no problem with people using Colossus as it is (unfortunately by game design) "part of the game", but complaining you don't see enough action when you're using it is a little silly. As ancient War Duck Elders would say, "What. The. Quack."

  • You're rather fond of exaggeration, Drooch.

  • Some of us at MEH prefer giant battles and others prefer high damage difference quick strikes. We try to excel at both. Hmm, the War Duck Chronicles? Perhaps we'll work on that. Release a chapter every Million Point damage CR? Hmm.....

  • 1 million+ damage battle!

    Hemlock - - Beta Archive


    The War Ducks are strongest at sea- they are born there, forged in underwater volcanoes. Those at MEH brave or foolhardy enough have ventured into those deep waters to witness the implosion of volcanic energy that heralds the birth of a War Duck. 10 Kilotons of energy get absorbed into a baby War Duck, which measures around 10 feet tall, with a 20 foot wingspan. The few that survive such a viewing at a distance of one mile from the implosion often never speak of it to anyone else, but write long…

  • Just strolling through DIG towns when I got Colossused. That's a good sign! Means there's something worth protecting. Artemis got the ground forces. I took some navy. Had a good fight with the Mime as well! (Hidden Content) Ah, here's some navy. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Here's some pancakes, garnished with phoenix feathers gently plucked from RoD birdies. *passes plate* Freeloader, can you post the big battle at your town? I believe you're the only one with a complete CR.

  • Hmm...this guy occupying my town has to pay rent sometime. (Hidden Content)

  • I'm talking about posting CRs- to me, that's totally separate from culture. If you'd like, we could post all our losing CRs and you could post all your losing CRs, and I'd be just as happy if that actually happened, but human nature/ logistics suggests to me that it wouldn't happen (if the target was offline, or then gets attacked so that the CR gets pushed back in the pages, doesn't care enough to post...) so that's why I suggest posting winning CRs. We're in the middle of a war- which is like …

  • What you're basically saying is that you don't have the will or desire to post CRs on the board and want us to do all of the work...? There's a reason we only post winning CRs. And it's the same reason I asked DiG to only post their winning CRs. It's to avoid duplication. If we all do that, there won't be any double-posting unless two people in the same alliance post the same CR. If both sides followed your advice and posting both winning and losing CRs every single time, we'd have either double…

  • Oof- screwed up a bit, so I didn't have the ships I needed to fight longer in this battle. Another time, Freeloader! (Hidden Content)

  • Don't mind me...just doing a bit of army assassination. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) And one more, after all the frontline/flank were stripped away.... (Hidden Content)

  • Oh Wow, BkM in with MEH

    Hemlock - - Beta Archive


    Child of the Hated Mother, I think you've made it pretty clear we didn't ask you to help us. The thought that someone might think we needed help against RoD... let's just say it leaves a taste in my mouth like a Fire Ant Smoothie with random Hippie Leaves thrown in. Carry on.