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  • There should be something that makes the server crash at the same time? I left the PC on all the night and when i go to the test server tab it's not working, right now (at 7:07 AM) the server is not working: uSqQECi.jpg And it's NOT my internet connection, my inet is working perfectly, i'm writing this post on the board, and i'm playing ikariam in other servers, but not on this one.

  • Quote from Antikythera: “Test server is working. It must be something from your connection. ” Now it's working, like yesterday on the afternoons it's working but not during the night, let see this night. Ofc front page works, and other servers works for me, but not this server on certain hours.

  • The test server (s666) is not working, it has been like this all the nights from this week, right now it's not working. Seems that it's down, what happens? The error from the browser is "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT"