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  • It's not on the US servers anymore either, Guess they've taken it out.

  • If they have less TS than you, you're allowed to give them resources,

  • This is a good idea, it would make peoples use spies more, I think it should be under fleet movement as it is already in place and makes sense.

  • New building slot!

    DarkxBadManS - - Game Discussion


    At least it makes building a little easier, Adding a warehouse or a reduction building, I believe you can now have 1 GR/palace, 4 warehouses, 4 reduction buildings, 1 depot, 1 tavern, 1 museum, 1 academy, 1 production boosters + 1 temple or 2 production boosters, getting to level 11 GR should be easier.. when achieved just demolish 2 reduction buildings for hideout and temple/booster

  • I Hope they open more servers to the point they end up having to merge servers

  • Looking for Alliance

    DarkxBadManS - - Hephaistos Archive


    Hello, I'm looking for an alliance to join, I'm new to the server. so I don't know what each alliance likes to focus on .... I'm usually a research orientated land/sea warfare type of player. I'm most likely going to be going down the navy route on this server - The usual.. Instant Posei, Instant Forge, Research Seafaring... I'd would like to join an alliance that can help me grow fast, - So a Trading/War alliance... Feel free to message me in game: BadManS. Bye

  • Greetings, I am new to the server, and need 12 friend's, pref research orientated players like myself. BadManS

  • I like the idea too... maybe for the questions: I think if you partially recall units, another action point should be needed. - so as long as you have enough AP, one AP for troops in the battle, and one AP for recalled troops.... so a new troop movement group is essentially created in the troop movement tab... when troops assigned to multiple AP from multiple cities, the troops should recall to the town they came from., like how it is now, and for when you have troops in battle but not enough sh…

  • Thanks a lot for the help. My question has been answered.

  • Hello, I can't seem to find the thread, I might not be using the correct keywords, so here is my question: Purely using Crystal experiments, How much crystal would each level (level 1 to level 25) of future Research need, with and without Optician? Thanks. (I accidentally posted this in game discussion instead of help and questions, if a Mod could move the thread, thanks)

  • you just attack it again, and take the remaining loot. It's when you don't have enough ships to carry all the loot, so once the ships come home, just attack the barbarian town again asap, while it's still on fire and rebuilding to the next level. There's enough time to take all the loot. I usually just attack it again with spearmen and ships because its defenseless during that time.

  • Quote from Ratna: “Quote from TrTunahan: “Hi, I have a question. I set the rule of my alliance, 1x luxury raw materials = 1.5x wood for trade in allience. It is not pushing right? Because this seems is not equal. Thanks. ” When smaller player needs luxury material from higher score player with eg. 10 woods (from smaller) trade with 5 marble (from higher), this unfair trade can be done as long as you open a ticket support create a ticket support click here and notifying Game Staff that you will d…

  • Tavern VS Museum

    DarkxBadManS - - Game Discussion Archive


    I've seen some people with 9-12 towns on demeter's garden islands, which means they have instant population growth wonder and gives like 300 population per town for free... It's decreases the costs a lot.

  • The normal assumption is that doctors only help human troops, but I have noticed doctors do help with Gyro losses, The difference is very noticeable from early on in the rounds. I don't know the mathematics around it, It's just from my observation from countless battles, e.g. round 1 both players lose 13 gyros from each block. att pl- 20 docs, def pl - 40 docs, both forged, the next round, pl1 wil lose 15 gyros in each block, pl2 losses 14 gyros in each block.... next round.. pl1 - 17 in each bl…

  • One island

    DarkxBadManS - - Alpha Archive


    It is annoying that forge is only found on sulphur islands on alpha, but if you want to have a good forge time 3-6 towns need to be on sulphur. Only reason for sulphur towns is the forge wonder. and in terms of Crystal, Once your researchers reach 4500 research points an hour, you're basically doing an experiment every 2 days, it's just getting 10-12 towns with level 25-30 academy can also be costly. With 4-6 crystal towns you can farm enough crystal to experiment every 2 days and focus on build…

  • The optimal amount of docs is 40 if the battle is more than 10 rounds. less than 10 rounds, 30 is fine. doctors help with gyros and swords, i use them to help gyros losses. I usually go with every 5 rounds +10 doctors.

  • One island

    DarkxBadManS - - Alpha Archive


    On alpha, Forge is only found on Sulphur islands, so to get instant forge, you need 5 sulphur towns. and the crystal towns are for research. later on in the game, higher futures have more effect. 5 towns basically allow you to conduct an experiment every 2 days.

  • Alpha top GS

    DarkxBadManS - - Alpha Archive


    Quote from Paradox of Darkness: “Quote from xUx: “those GS banks should be banned, at the end of the day they're going to break the rules when they're used, 99% of the cases. ” They can only be banned if they violate the rules. While they have not violated them, there is no way to punish them because you can not be punished for having too many GS. P.S. This is nothing compared to Arabic servers, where GS are way bigger. For example, barbarossa in Arabic server alpha would be only in top 20 posit…

  • I think instead of a long cooldown like 48hours, there should be a cooldown of 4-8hours, this would stop abuse and allow players who want to vmode twice within the same day, the ability to, and it is enough time to hinder banks, 4-8hour worth of upkeep for big banks is 10s of millions of gold, unless they have 1bill+ gold that is.. It wouldn't stop them, but it would make them decrease the amount of gens they keep in the banks, to a more realistic amount e.g less than 1million gens, down to 500k…