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  • Sea battle: -RoW- vs -GF-

    Tony Chopper - - Ares Archive


    We will soon its a good fight though and lots of learning. you guys really dominated this server. can't wait to have my revenge but i dont think it will happen soon. Quote from Grim Reaper DaWar: “After seeing that Combat report, I'm glad GF didn't accept my application lol. Never knew they were an all Pino alliance lol. ” @Grim Reaper DaWar who are you in game? lol we just dont accept you coz we are all PH alliance. dont feel bad for being rejected.

  • Quote from LionHxHeart: “whos the winner here?? -HxH- ” I dont get your question

  • Quote from Pepi: “Forgot what level this was. Didn't need to wave Fires on this one. (Hidden Content) ” Thank you very much for this post Bob, really helps us newbies to better understand what barb fleets are. It seems that its more practical to use steamrams for frontline eh? I might try that one too soon

  • whhoaaa! nice loots out there. how long does the fight takes?

  • Posting on behalf of Capone Bege (Hidden Content) EDIT - Spoiler added - Kikoguns

  • another combat reports. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Im Chopper and I am a temporary general of GRAND FLEET. I would like to thank -RoW- for visiting us and they did a great job fighting us. We learned a lot from them and we discovered new things that are not in the normal server. So here's a little battle reports for everyone to see. -GF- Wins the land battle (Hidden Content) -RoW- wins at Sea Battle (Hidden Content) Thank you -RoW- for this opportunity. lets have a good fight again Cheers, Chopper [General of -GF-]

  • CR Layla VS iamsatanist

    Tony Chopper - - Ares Archive


    hello there bully, i dont know what did I do to you or you just think that you're way better from others. Good fight though, please rebuild your army and lets have fun again (Hidden Content)