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  • Trade of IP Shared accounts

    Pepi - - Game Discussion


    Quote from Sampisa: “General rule is that any action forbidden by IP-Sharing can't be exploited by mean of a 3rd party. So, if A1 and A2 can't interact directly due to IP-Sharing restriction, you can't "force" interaction by mean of B1. The same in piracy (but in normal raids too). If B1 raids A2, then A1 cannot raid B1. A exception is when B1 raids both A1 and A2. Then both A1 and A2 can raid B1. As usual, on doubt feel free to open a ticket via Support System EDIT: @Pepi - Yes, it is circumven…

  • NORTH and Outlaws Discussion

    Pepi - - Hephaistos Archive


    Quote from JaY: “I wondered where you were. Was getting pretty lonely here on my own. If you are handing out the title for "Biggest Troll in En.Ikariam" I gracefully accept it. Its nice to get some recognition around here. I work hard to deliver quality banter . If you have 50 CR of OuT "smashing" us then where are they.... Post them here for everyone to see. You do need to contribute Dane, prove to everyone here that your not a liar... You see Dane, the boards is a battlefield and you lose on h…

  • Trade of IP Shared accounts

    Pepi - - Game Discussion


    Quote from Paradox of Darkness: “As far as I know, that would count as violation of IP share, because A1 resources got to the A2 account. If A2 would get different goods, than I would say, that its allowed. But better if somebody from Staff would confirm or deny my opinion. ” I'm confused about the idea too. I wish someone from staff could clarify this.

  • Trade of IP Shared accounts

    Pepi - - Game Discussion


    Say there are 3 accounts, A1, A2 and B1. A1 and A2 are on IP Share. If A1 trades via Trading Post to B1 Then B1 trades the exact same goods to A2 using Trading post. Is this circumventing the IP Share rule? Would really appreciate feedback. Thanks!

  • Final damage count for the war. I think UCH did pretty good given the number of alliances at war against. Thank you for everyone who participated in the war! As an alliance we managed to secure 19,747,802 in damages to all 6 alliances and we received 14,775,640 in damages from all 6 alliances collectively. Special thanks to WOLF btw, you guys made this war really interesting and entertaining for us. You guys were able to inflict a whooping of 7,341,755 in damages to us. Half of all the damages w…

  • Quote from Komatsu: “By the way hope we can have a final damage result before this war officially ends. Thanks @'Pepi' ” Will probably do that tomorrow. If anyone else has CRs that you want to include in the damage count please post them so we could include them in the final damage count. Thanks!

  • Quote from Komatsu: “Isnt it simple? You reason out you cant travel your troops as the island were locked. You have land troops and there are lots of towns in the island where you can occupy and use their ports. ” My island wasn't locked. My own port wasn't locked. I'm saying all the ports of the island i was going to move to was locked. Can't really move to an island with all ports locked. Quote from Komatsu: “The chase with toad last more or less 3 hours. Before we locked down all towns in the…

  • Quote from Komatsu: “just want to reiterate this post maybe you missed this.. ” Will just post this again in response: Well, when you freed my port and then went to block it again i sent my whole navy back to my main island as it was severely lacking in frontlines and wouldn't really be much use during fights. smile.png Again, we're not talking about the island i was in. We're talking about the island toad was in. I dont think 2 ram ships could beat your fleets there. smile.png

  • Quote from Komatsu: “i also really dont understand how you cant free a port with 1 ramship.. The last time weve checked you have atleast 2 rams to beat it.. ” Well, when you freed my port and then went to block it again i sent my whole navy back to my main island as it was severely lacking in frontlines and wouldn't really be much use during fights. Again, we're not talking about the island i was in. We're talking about the island toad was in. I dont think 2 ram ships could beat your fleets ther…

  • Quote from desvic: “So If UCH Does the Locking of Island It is okay (At Toad Base)vs WOLFBut if MAFIA Locked the island you questioned it with this is how we fight? UCH never stop making excuses IF UCH RUN(part of the game) IF MAFIA RUN(COWARDS and NOOB) ” Why is this so hard to understand? I am not questioning the strategy as it is part of the game and navy does server that purpose to begin with. I'm not really making excuses. I'm just saying that it's impossible to move my units to an island t…

  • Quote from Komatsu: “Like i told you. You can free them already as only 1 ramships were left in each town.. your mobile wasnt even locked.. ” What are you saying? I move 30k units using a mobile town with no port to the island right next to me that has all its ports occupied and locked? I don't really understand how you can do that.

  • Quote from Komatsu: “And since we did not visit your wall, then why didn't you attacked us instead? ” Well, i was actually in talks with Out to have a final fight in my town. So wasn't really interested in moving out of my town too. Too bad Toad accidentally attacked the town Out members were converging in so the fight never happened. This was my last fight and really wanted to test out the war theories i had with defense with a wall. Too bad i wasn't able to try them out. Oh well.

  • And i don't think it's wrong to hide behind my wall. It seems like a really good deterrent to MAFIA attacks. Why make a wall and not use it right?

  • Quote from Komatsu: “The main purpose of naval fleet is to lock down an island and try to corner land troops. What do you expect our navals are for? ” Well, like i said there's nothing wrong with it. They serve that exact purpose. I'm just saying that desvic was expecting me to help out toad in the island right next to me where all the ports were closed. ofcourse i couldn't go there. Wasn't really hiding behind my wall. just couldn't go to the other side.

  • Quote from desvic: “UCH Has a lot of excusesIt is not our fault you did'nt visit us in our HQ from the start You have a choice to fight us from the start NOW Hitting Left Over? Amazing your just 1 island away why you dont come? during the fight with TOAD go Hide yourself in your WALL atleast TOAD is brave enough ” Why are you even asking that question? By the time i saw what was happening the island was already shut since you blocked all the ports already. Isn't that how you fight? Lock the enti…

  • Quote from Komatsu: “Easy pickings.. ^__^ That's why you targeted WOLF and OUT instead of us. During day 1 we were ready and we waited for your visit, as what Indra had said, you will come and visit us big time. No offense meant for WOLF and OUT they did great fighting against you and they did everything they could do. And we keep on asking for your visit and it was the actual challenge for you guys, you have higher generals, you have better economies, you even can warp here and there.. but you …

  • Quote from Onad: “Isnt it the other way around? UCH took the easy pickings. You knew very well that Mafia has the capability and experience but you just waited for easy pickings. Now your saying you have 65k left over generals? You should attacked the better opponents during your strongest state. But you took it the other way. ” Well, not really talking about my generals. Been waiting for you guys to attack me but the attack never came.

  • Honestly got bored and today was my last day playing anyway so might as well just go to vmode. It's not like you guys were planning on attacking my town anyway. So what difference does that make. *snip*. They can't really respond. Good job cleaning up leftovers. That was a really good strat. Should have thought of that. What better way to win a war then to attack in the final moments when everyone is already weakened. But when presented with an actual challenge you turn your back and look for ea…

  • Oh. forgot i had this one. (Hidden Content)

  • Too bad that and island full of MAFIA with all the towns and ports occupied wouldn't even try to attack me. mafia.JPG