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  • ICE

    satanas - - Eunomia Archive


    well this is intriguing .

  • The Dreadfleet Rises

    satanas - - Eunomia Archive


    It is good to see you riding the waves again Valkonos.

  • Wow, now thats something you don't see very often. Hats off on that last one

  • Same alliance yes, He will not be able to interact with you in any way. He cannot interact with anybody you do as such., If you attack somebody he cannot, he cant trade with anybody you interact with, defend anybody you do. Simply put his fleet cannot contact any player your fleet contacts. Hence the saying 'no fleet contact'

  • But he won the battle right? i did read that correct yeah? seems like he played a good hand there to me

  • actually, you have moved to VN so yes they very much are the droids you were looking for. My bad

  • you do not have gauntlet war with Syn running . 'These are not the droids you are looking for'

  • Mines & Islands

    satanas - - Gaia Archive


    some of mine are marble, some wine, most of them are wood if i am being honest....... :Dry:

  • As the General of Syn i am here to accept defeat in this war. Despite the fighting of four wars simultaneously this is the first time we have faced such poor form as displayed this evening. We have no wish for this to continue, there is nothing to be gained by fighting honour-less enemies and we have no wish to . We would rather accept another war loss and move onto decent opponents worthy of our time and efforts. Syn 44,520 3rdA 50,785 Congratulations on your victory battleship and Je'taime, yo…

  • And there goes lightlord's multi that we were in combat with at the time. Heh. we maybe losing but we wont embarrass ourselves by stooping to this level. Guess some will stoop to any level to win a war eh?

  • heehe watch how the biggest gen score player on the server runs into VM the second we start tickling his islands. The only wonder is did they have to wake him up to hit VM pmsl. all fair in love and war i guess

  • @Benjamenx Oh yes indeed, i agree with you completely. Nomore and the PH- alliance are a very very good team. They pushed us for the whole war, got the builds and strategies pretty spot on. They left shortly after the Pure merge when i joined Syn. Regarding Red's war i could not comment on this matter. I find myself biased in my opinions but interested to see what happens

  • Quote from minhducvt293: “Seem like ur members don't agree with you @satanas :)) ” Aye. I understand there zeal i do. See the score clearly says they won. This is the clear point of view. IF the gauntlet starts at the exact time of war starting and ending as it should have, then Syn won, because my naval battle alone wins by 1k let alone the other operations that happened alongside. IF the war runs for exactly 7 days from the gaunlet starting as was one of the terms in the war declaration, then …

  • Quote from minhducvt293: “In this case, the statement is exact time (0.00 server time). So I don't think the time it sent is matter. BTW, why don't u guys just keep fighting with current gauntlet war? Why we have to strict on 1 week, 2 week period? Let's say, infinite life time war like SYN vs VN? ” Unsure i never been a diplo during gauntlet war times so cant say. The VN war is over with Syn. Syn won that one, although humorously if yourself and battleship had not joined VN they wold have lost …

  • Good Day all, Satanas, general of the Syndicate here to set a few things straight and humbly accept the defeat in this war. There are, as above many many ifs and butts, but plainly said the gauntlet score at the scheduled end of war time has -PH with a 1100 point lead. Yes the gauntlet war was started late which discounted my 2800 gen fleet attack as illiadin quite rightly pointed out, i jumped first thing. BUT the terms of the war were scored by gauntlet. This attack was not counted by the gaun…

  • Any forge around 50:50!

    satanas - - Gaia Archive


    oh you goddamn sexy dog of sausage-ness. Good to see you back, even used your absence as a reason to declare a war the other day.

  • Request for a merge!

    satanas - - Demeter Archive


    yup, eunomia is far more active then either of dion or demeter.

  • ITs you DLOl, its always you

  • *Takes a look at the Current scoreline.......* To use your own words, it looks like Satanas was there again. But in all seriousness, well played today guys.

  • yup, apparently after -PH's fantastic trawl of decimating offline armies and navies of our members disregarding all instructions from above almost certainly costing us a defeat in that war it was deemed we needed to bring in more offline members to provide unskilled, offline armies and navies so we could give a darn good go at losing this war as well...... :dry: