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  • OK, seems to work now, I think. Probably a cache issue. Please close thread, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • With the removal of the Cinetheatre, population growth has now stopped, though a growth value is displayed. And the gold growth also doesn't update automatically, unless you switch to island view and change the number of workers. These are NOT problems on Rho.

  • Instantaneously buying resources

    DogEnds - - Game Bugs


    Just now happened to me. I wanted a quick trade, didn't think it'd be that quick! Server Rho. IGN DogEnds. I sent 111 ships to pick up 22.1k crystal, i.e. 200 goods/ship. 35 minute journey arrived instantaneously. Still took the correct amount of loading time, and the correct return journey time too. Time finished loading: 23.53 on Tuesday 21st August 2018. Of course, I'd sent it so that it would count to my trades for Wednesday's daily task...

  • New features

    DogEnds - - Game Discussion Archive


    I don't mean to sound impatient, but the last game news update, from June 2nd 2017, included this paragraph: Of course, we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves, including upgrades for units, entirely new units and buildings, a crafting system, and even server events which could have a direct impact on happenings in the game (e.g. earthquakes!). Can we not have a further update as to the staus of these ideas, please? I hope the earthquake idea is dead and buried (anyone of my age who played …

  • The earnings must remain, else one can earn a max of 600 points and some rewards are 900 or 1000 points.

  • Yep. Version 7.8.0 released today, with the same fanfare as 7.7.0, i.e. none. Bit mean to lose the accumulation of daily points without any warning. Well, I suppose I can't consider this as a bug then, so mods please close this thread, thanks.

  • General Data Browser (+full version data): Chrome 59.0.3071.125 on Android 5.1.1 on tablet Google Nexus 10, all up to date for that model Account Data (in Options ingame) Server/World: Rho Player-ID: 53614 InGame Name: DogEnds Other/Further Information: I had 375 points in the Daily Task and sent an overnight pillage so that I could convert my 450 points, as I do almost every day. However, logging on this morning, all Daily Task data has reset to zeroes. It's easy to see that this cannot be corr…

  • 8 CTs available. IGN: DogEnds

  • Friend list

    DogEnds - - Suggestions reported to Gameforge


    Sorry, posted to wrong place!

  • Our alliance members have CTs available as follows: DogEnds 76 Ladycynith 80 Ultraman 85 Moopy 46 Punkpanther 2 Cynsation 80 Colargol 12 Kartik 1 Updates later... Thanks in advance.

  • WebGL

    DogEnds - - Game Suggestions Archive


    Your blanket insult of helpful people with more experience than you made me log in. The comment Too much time is already wasted on asthetics like this. Sums it up completely, but since any opinion which isn't yours seems to get short shrift, let me add some of mine. That comment does not completely relate to the finished product, I believe, but to development time and process. Other more pressing needs exist, like the correction of bugs, a great number of them introduced directly from all the pr…

  • A further 152 CTs needed. IGN: DogEnds