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  • NiN - The Wretched

  • The Wrath of the Ancients

    Great Cthulhu - - Hades Archive


    So...this just happened: We were doing fine on my crystal island, neighbors getting along and everything. Suddenly this guy moved in, and first thing he does is to take a round with his 300 hoplites, and pillage everyone on the island. Including top donors. Bad idea... (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Point being: Do not piss off all your neighbors at the same time.

  • The New World

    Great Cthulhu - - Hades Archive


    Well - I think I'll try this too... - How are you enjoying yourself in Hades? - Good - making lots of new acquaintances and enjoying a fresh start. - What Levels are your mills/Lux? - mills / lux are 7 / 3. Not very high, but I'm working on it. - How many towns have you got so far? - 3 towns (one forgotten city of The Ancients, one Mi-Go infested Dark Place in far orbit and one fallen city, lost to the Pride on the Humans) - Are you close to colonizing again? - Not really (just finished the gove…