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  • Let me first start by saying that yes this has been report via the GF Support page. This is a public shaming for the players involved. The actions as shown below should be creating alarms within the game for the GOs to see. These two players share many island clusters together where they have insulated themselves from raids through the use a tiny accounts (bots?) that also are suspected of using scripts to generate CP (yes, reported as well). Of concern here though is how IP Sharing was cancelle…

  • Quote from badidol: “If you had actually paid attention to the news section you'd have known that it has in fact been announced here, too. Regular maintenance: 28.11.2018 I guess checking the news section before ranting did you put it...too much to ask? ” There clearly was advance notice of the outage. An in-game notice would have better reached the target audience.

  • The concern has been dealt with. Thank you.

  • Quote from tiladong: “Again, For me this post has no concrete evidence for his about if you a player with many haters? then they put a many towns near of your location, then they say all these are your's as other account.. ...hmmmm something smells fishy... i think master blaster, hater of uphill....sorry for that, that is my own analys...anyway GO's make investigate... ” The evidence is in game and the tools the GOs just have to "follow the money". Assuming they can how CP is a…

  • Quote from MrSniperZ: “Quote from Cassiopea: “Cause board rules don't allow you to post coords of other players without their consent.. "When posting ingame messages or private content which directly involves one (or more) additional parties, the consent of all parties must be given. - This includes town/island co-ordinates; a user may only post his or her own co-ordinates." ” I know board rules. Thats why I asked,those pictures wont fix any problem. Guys,use report button in game. We will not i…

  • The fact that this is still going on speaks volumes on how the GOs enforce the rules. This was take today. t9wYEwv.jpg CPbQyMt.jpg rogntmI.jpg

  • Quote from MrSniperZ: “Hello, we usually check all reports in time of 48 hours. What server are you talking about so I can check? Quote from Master Blaster: “No response the GOs. Nothing. ” We will contact you only if we need further information about a case. ” Send you a private email. Feedback should be provided. Communication is important otherwise one can only assume that reports go into a black hole.

  • There are island chains where pushing of piracy CP is blatantly obvious. One full size "normal" town and the remainder of 4-5 islands with level 1 towns with fortresses. The player routinely finishes in the top 5 but is never seen actively raiding. It has been reported numerous times, but nothing is done. No response the GOs. Nothing.

  • Quote from puniiisher: “I'm looking for you, but you are not We fight for alliance and my brothers but You Fght For Offensive Score!This is our difference Leave these points (500GS)in the jug and drink it ” You do understand that the Gauntlet War stats count all GS killed, right? Let's put it in different of this posting: -W- Damage Received........................1,123,056 - TNT Damage Received........................1,684,740 -W- Damage Percent...........................40% -…

  • Scientific ffutures is the one I didn't bother with. For my gameplay, it added nothing. Once I maxed out on the other three, I demolished my academics and opticians and moved on to something of more value. Seafaring would be more useful as that seems to be where players focus on fighting.

  • Farewell Alpha

    Master Blaster - - Alpha Archive


    Ikariam reminds me of the Eagles song "Hotel California". Last thing I remember, I was Running for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before 'Relax' said the night man, 'We are programmed to receive. You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!'

  • What a load of BS, SA. You make it sound like you're the victims. I was attacked by one of your members, so I had no choice but to wiped out their navy. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • I'm already being PM'd by a player telling me that I'm not allowed to raid them because their sole purpose on the server is to be a feeder. I have no idea to whom, nor do I care. The showed up today with 26K CP and I took it from them. I think the GOs will be busy investigating as the way the pushing rule is amended leaves much open to interpretation.

  • I've already had a smaller player threaten to report me for raiding them. @ iotsak...... What rock have you been hiding under for the past 3 years? It would not be a stretch to say that half of the accounts left on Alpha were created for the sole purpose of being raided.

  • Cinetheatre

    Master Blaster - - Game Discussion Archive


    Quote from Draxo: “Then just don't watch them. Or if you have any problems with it - please be so kind and report them here: Cinetheatre Reports” Just what is your role on this Board? Your comments here and on other threads have become less than useful. Assuming that you're here to help, you need to keep your personal commentary out of the discussions.

  • New Pricing

    Master Blaster - - Game Discussion Archive


    Quote from badidol: “Oh isn't it? Who says that's going to be the last Happy Hour this month?” There may be another happy hour. My point was that money was spent on ambro and then 1 day later the value of that ambro fell by ~66%.

  • New Pricing

    Master Blaster - - Game Discussion Archive


    The fact that the new pricing became in effect AFTER this months happy hour is no coincidence either.

  • Quote from Draxo: “Have you tried to think for a while to understand - it will never work out? Such boycotts won't change anything, because players are richer and spend more ambrosies than you - "young and poor kid" (quoting yourself) - can ever imagine. Gameforge won't change prices because really addicted and active ambro spenders will continue buy them. But casual players who spend only sometimes make only a small part of incomes.” By any standards here, I'm rich as well. The bottom line is t…

  • New Pricing

    Master Blaster - - Game Discussion Archive


    After almost 9 years, this is the push i needed to stop logging into Ika. Thank you GF for making it easy.

  • Does anyone else hear a buzzing sound?