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  • Gone Cya

    hardkill - - Beta Archive


    Due to non activity, battles fought thru funnels, high scores being deleted, other players leaving and losing CTs, and basically most players in game now are inacitve, I am leaving the game, good luck!

  • Beta's pop decline

    hardkill - - Beta Archive


    There has been no reason to join back in game full time, the boards are not being read, the battle system is not fixed to quit the funnel etc. This is why players are leaving the game, I am ready to close my account too as nothing is happening for the better.

  • Upgrade the combat system Stop the current funnel system, stop playing the film 300 Allow all units to be used that are attacking. This system will allow all units from the attacker to be used. This will affect units in that there will be no hundreds of units sitting in reserves waiting to enter battle. Suggestion Reason: Suggesting this reason for combat change because players that have large armies pay for those armies to be used, not sitting on sidelines in reserve. The current battle system …

  • WOW!!! That is alot of CRs, good job!

  • You can loot gold by pirating, but yes I see what you mean.

  • Beta's pop decline

    hardkill - - Beta Archive


    Change the way wars are fought and I will be back. I dont take large armies or navies into battle only to fight through a funnel. The warfighting setup in this game is driving players away. It has already been proven by large alliances that a war can go on forever in this game due to players arriving in battle. I dont mind the battle turns, but just dont let my armies fight thru a funnel. For example I do not take 500 ships into battle only to let the front row fire, that is unrealistic and Ikar…

  • 29 CT available IGN: Hardkill

  • Who is Gaz? He has a high score but I dont see his post. I also see some new names, you did not keep the first post for example lvl 32 spy huts from the older players. Please stick to your own rules with postings here and keep them updated.

  • 20 CT available

  • Any battle pics?

  • Quite a few CT open, IGN hardkill if you want one.

  • Both sides are doing a great job, good luck! I agree with Cidpro, why cant gold be pillaged? Also bring back intercepting trade ships, that was kool and can really starve someone of resources. Developers do listen to players in this game, I just wish the battle system would be changed so I could use all my warships or ground troops in battle. Right now our ships and troops are fighting through a funnel. If I bring 100 catapults, why cant I use 100 catapults at once? Makes no sense. Submarines ca…

  • Just another reason to hate this game, the battle program, I have never heard of lines of enemy that other units could not join the fight but must wait their turn. This is the reason I dont play this game anymore really.. its unrealistic for real life, and for gaming the battle system sucks. (Hidden Content)

  • The game has not changed... take 2 towns for pillage and blockade 4 ports. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Is beta dead?

    hardkill - - Beta Archive


    With school in session, games activity drops. Many players are out of work due to a bad economy and cannot afford to pay for internet to access the game. The game requires an update to the battle part of the game for it to survive.

  • Beta World Records Submission Thread

    hardkill - - World Beta


    Level 40 Wall wall40.JPG Hardkill

  • Quote: “Generals Lost............-12,662 - Generals Lost............-23,179 Offensive points..........57,949 - Defensive points..........31,655 Damage Received..........633,100 - Damage Received........1,158,980 Damage Percent...............35% - Damage Percent...............64% ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Winners: Griffin, lord chopper, Mortanus” Griff this has to be one of the best damages in a CR I have seen in ages. Great to see WAR fighting off many P…

  • Finished the night with forge on and the best I could do attacking sub vs sub is going 1 for 1 on losses, WTH??? In the past with forge on could kill 30 subs and lose 12. Below is an example of one of the battles. There was even a fight vs tiger that we were both even and he did not have forge on but we both lost all our ships in a 2 round battle. (Hidden Content)

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Having some fun with PK Great CR to read Everglades on PK fighing NF for a WAR port. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)