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  • Quote from Draxo: “As a temporary solution till the fix: change the time zone of your computer to Germany. ” Thats the dumbest thing i've heard. This is why this game continues to lose players. How about oh yea we screwed up majorly by implementing new code directly instead of first testing it we will back out that code and test it to get it correct. Its been almost a week and no fix...

  • Quote from Draxo: “Not yet (hopefully this year). ” Decided to play a bit after being gone a year and a half. Glad to see nothing has changed. Game has had 0 changes in its mechanics and this is the typical response from game staff.

  • New Pricing

    kevin jan2 - - Game Discussion Archive


    I've pretty much quit this game months ago for the sole reason they have just let the game die without trying to improve it. Now they come out with a new version and just increase the prices of features that are used instead of improving the game so players use these features more often. Looking back i'm glad I gave this game up. If gameforge doesn't care about its players why should i give a crap about their game.

  • Also thats for God_Of_War on Beta

  • lvl 35 sulphur pit (Hidden Content) Lvl 39 trading post (Hidden Content) Lvl 38 ship yard (Hidden Content) Lvl 32 Embassy (Hidden Content) Lvl 40 sea archive (Hidden Content) Lvl 11 Gov (Hidden Content) Lvl 32 Winery (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Pacific Ocean: “It is time to wake up from the dreamworld and understand, that Gameforge has the last word and never will support such suggestions, which doesn't generate more money by buying ambosia. By the way, not only we are in the Ikariam. Have you asked the other 30 Ikariam community, what is their opinion about the multis? Try to ask the UAE community about the multis, where the top50 players in general score has over 3-4 million generals. We got a slap in the face and the game…

  • Please bump this up to suggestions for GF as we by far exceed the 80% requirement favorability and it has been 3 months. Thank You, Me

  • Every new server should be this as there is no reason to have multi's since the sole purpose of allowing them was because of merged servers.

  • heh

    kevin jan2 - - Beta Archive


    Its not that easy to make a gen bank + they have about 40 gen banks already built it would take us over a year of no conflict to build that many much less even getting that many accounts to build by which time they would have 80 or 90. They don't play the game they play to cheat and GF doesn't give a crap about it. It doesn't help when GF bans your account for circumventing multi's but you have had no contact with your multi's. But when you speak out against GF and the cheating they allow guess …

  • Really Draxo you say this is a long-term strategy game but your ok with people building accounts with millions of gens in v mode and pushing gold to players who are 4m TS with 300k Gens running around? Please explain to me how this is "long-term" game play? It is actually about $25 if you buy the large package which isn't bad you shouldn't be moving your towns around that often if you build right. The reason people aren't buying ambro to do any of this is because GF doesn't care about the player…

  • Game apathy

    kevin jan2 - - Game Discussion Archive


    Quote from Draxo: “Quote: “Seriously though no GO is gunna do anything about it right? ” As already said thousands times - no, GO's won't do anything since multi accounts are legal now (inf only they are linked). I really can't see sense to bring up this topic again, again and again - reasons are explained a lot of times and you just need to accept is as fact. Period. I don't know - maybe all these topics against multi accounts make some good psychological effect when you scream your emotions ou…

  • Quote from Xarius2319: “Pretty sure GF doesnt care because simply the people willing to cheat with multis are willing to pour ambro into the game too! :thumbdown:” Thats not even completely true. Some of the biggest multi abuses are the Iranians and very few can get their hands on ambro due to sanctions on their country. Most people using multi's aren't your big ambro users or they have had to adapt to using multi's to survive.

  • I think GF should have limited it to 5 multi's. Its not fair that someone who dedicated time to multiple servers has to delete 2 accounts but limit it to 5 and if you have 6 accounts well one is moved to a differnt server then. However this does not stop the cheaters who have more unlinked accounts from continuing what they are doing.... However on the new servers idk why GF allows multi's since nothing was merged into them which is the whole reason multi's were allowed

  • Quote from Xarius2319: “I agree! I very rarely use ambro just because i cant afford it with so many other games and hobbies, all it does is give richer players more of an advantage and the rate that some players burn through it is ridiculous! But that is why GF is so happy i guess, screw the rest of the players right!?” I started playing in HS and through college so I didn't have much money and rarely used ambro. Now i've graduated I got extra cash and I just don't want to spend it on this game …

  • Atleast they all speak English and most don't cheat. Beta got all the Iranians and their multi accounts that aren't linked.

  • Any time you want to post a rant or say how disappointed you are about GF it gets shut down. I had a thread to boycott ambro because of the massive cheating that was allowed and the GO's not doing anything and it was shut down because they don't allow those kinds of theads. Don't expect me to pay for a game and then ignore the problems that everyone say's there are.

  • Quote from Draxo: “Quote: “They ruined the game by allowing multis and now the servers are dead and they have to merge them ” Interesting - what was the reason for first merges if multi were legal only after that? Quote: “Someone told me german law forbids shutting down a game when folks have money invested unless they returned it. ” I'd suggest you to stop listening everybody's sayings and make some own research.” I know where the stick is if you want to take it out draxo. Players left the game…

  • If you have lvl 40+ walls like I do If someone starts attacking my town's i'll start building some hops rams and gyro's and SC's high lvl barracks allow me to build them quickly. Before the wall comes completely down i'll recall and when they move to the next town i'll be ready again to put up a fight for a few rounds. Each time it allows me to build more and more troops until I can mount a full defense or allow help to get there.

  • Quote from Unwise: “I imagine that kevin´s situation is a bit special. My guess is that his war mobile isn´t all that mobile, but that its town hall is small (e.g. lvl 4), forcing the fight to take place on the small battle field. To breach a wall lvl 39, you need 18 mortars if unforged, a few less if forged. Still gives him more than 2, 3 rounds to breach and kill that defiant spearman. High walls give you points towards high score, but it has been said long ago that in developed colonies, they…

  • I got a lvl 39 wall in my war mobile and all I need to do is build 1 spear and it takes them 7 rounds to break through that wall. As I continue to increase that it will take even longer. Can cause alot of problems if you are starting to be over run or need to get off the island with your army you can recall and they will be occupied for almost 2 hrs giving you plenty of time to get off the island. + if your towns are close and have lvl 42+ walls it gives you time to build a small army to buy som…