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  • Tournament

    Kira - - Game Suggestions


    Not gonna happen... There were lot of suggestions about tournaments but GF never want to try it... It is just to hard to make it good in this game and give everyone chance... First free time, than miracles, than some play with fleet, someone play with army, than some players have 50k generals, some can have 5-6k max, some needs 1 hour to island where they should play, some needs 2 days etc... This is just some reasons why GF doesnt want to try it.... On RS ikariam players always wanted some kind…

  • General Information: Observe pirate attacks What are you suggesting? I suggest new spy option which allow us to spy pirate attacks... Or it can be added to fleet movment... How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? It will give us information where our enemy attacks with pirates... It will help us to save some points if we are faster... Also we know where he goes so if we are slower we can attack other on island and dont lose time to attack the one who is alredy lost... Suggestio…

  • Quote from Vegan001: “Keep making yourself feel better. ” Keep saying yourself that you are better bcs you know to put all army in one town... Quote from Vegan001: “we are just jealous. ” I know Quote from chupengko: “Asking why you attacked with an ongoing war is crying now? ” Well, I dont know how it goes here but on RS servers only farms ask "why do you attack me?" Warriors dont ask anything, just fight...

  • The same FFO which crys to diplomat when someone attacks them... Funny

  • Voting sotw # 2

    Kira - - Gallery Competitions



  • Or we just use brain in strategy game But what the hell you guys know how it is to use brain

  • Lol, just go and fight with swordsmen in first lane, it is better stayle And I dont understand what is problem with vmod... We have 2 players in vmod bcs they cant play in the moment bcs of rl... You will say them when they will play? Funny We got this war with half strenght, ex bunny played and destroyed these RAID guys... First THT playeres actually havent played this war... Just few battles

  • Good job for you... You lost 50k generals more than us, and what do you have from that green reports? Nothing... You just lost army and have to spend more resources to make it again... Everyone can make and make and make tones of generals and put all in one city and watch it how it fights... But only good players know how to make more dmg with less soldiers... You are proud because you are fighting with swordsmen and muskeeters in first lane You are killing yourself and you are proud of it Learn…

  • Quote from Blondie: “It's easy to win in war when you are prepare then announce (satro) that both sides have enough time to prepare for the war nonsense but someone used to say ... when I grow up I'll be a kangaroo love.png love.png love.png ” War started 2 days after declaration... I dont know how much time you want... It is more than enough for good alinace... Next time, you declare it and than you choose how much time we will have to preper... We willl win it any way... You guys just dont kno…

  • He activted 500 hops from inventory in last moment, so he managed to make me some unnecessery dmg but in the end it is ok (Hidden Content) THT damage received 642 037 RAID damage received 1 490 399

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Gavra forgot loot so I added his loot to dmg too THT received: 482 657 RAID received: 1 141 456,5

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) THT received: 275.347 RAID received: 722.049

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) -THT- dmg received 12930 RAID dmg received 140108

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) I forgot dmg recived in first post... I added it now... It is -THT- dmg received 12520 RAID dmg received 100575.5

  • Ok, lets start THT (Hidden Content) Result: -THT- dmg received 0 RAID dmg received 12749

  • Bane vs -VN-

    Kira - - Pi Archive


    Only red reports

  • (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Hello Hades, rs APO is here again as -THT- Lets start play (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • External alliance page

    Kira - - Help and Questions Archive


    Hello, I have seen few times that some people put small picture even here, under diplomacy options... L8YZ5g5MQ22w1Wnvpx0EyA.png Can someone help and tell me how to put small picture there? TY

  • New server HADES

    Kira - - Game Discussion Archive


    This server is 50% faster ships? Can someone explain me how 50% of 10 min are 6:40 min, 50% of 20 min is 13:20?