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  • Sorry to disheart you Sengyi but what you are proposing can't possibly happen If we were to investigate every trade of goods in the way you described we would need 10 GOs for each world. These are too many variables to be taken into consideration and too much time must be spent on this. Unfortunately 5k or 10k wood from a small player (50k points) to a large player (6mil player) won't greatly affect the large player but if we want to be fair even a trade like this must be prohibited. It's an ins…

  • Hello Sengyi, I can understand your stream of thoughts. Though you may not have malicious motives to "push" or help a larger player = friend, these rules exist in order to prevent such scenarios from happening. If these rules didn't exist, I could just have 5 friends make each one an account and every day have them send me their goods. And like this, I will play my account but it will be like playing 6 in one. I hope you understand my logic on this. Yes, your motives may no be such the ones I ju…

  • New Pricing

    A N U B I S. - - Game Discussion Archive


    I always read the forum but never take the time to write anything. But this time I will express my opinion. This new pricing system is going to reduce the income of Gameforge through ikariam project and I assure you of that. You are a company and a company always seek for profit maximization, you are no wrong on that, that's how the market operates. But if you do it with making your customers constantly complain, in the end you will lose them I have a 28 mill account and I have invested several …

  • I agree on a spy mission with which we can spy on Trade Treaties and Garrison Rights Treaties of a player but not alliance. Also the mission should be of high risk. Sometimes we need to cut the provisioning of a player with units and resources from other players or dig him out from where he may be hiding. So this spy mission will help us pinpoint the ones possibly backing him up or hiding him. And for the ones of you who want to hide stuff then build 32 LvL Hideouts with 32 spies working on defe…

  • After hours of battling and 25 rounds of bullying! (Hidden Content)