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  • Damage Update

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    Damage to [-U-E-] 307,386 Damage to [A F] 1,299,062 [-U-E-] leads the war by 991,676

  • @Choom Sorry to hear you have quit Asklepios but as long as you dont quit ikariam all together im sure we will run into each other again Hey guys I was gone a couple days cause of rl and since this war as been a bore i figured i wouldnt have missed much but i came back to an actual attack while i was away Quote from PunkyPunky: “Well not enough Cook (Hidden Content)”

  • Damage Update

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    Damage to [-U-E-] 119,025 Damage to [A F] 483,345 [-U-E-] leads the war by 364,320 Ive sent my troops home to give you all some time to beef up. When you get some more gs you know where to find me

  • It took me a while but I found the rest of his troops, like promised. (Hidden Content)

  • Just a few small battles here and there (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) I will find the rest of your 4K gs (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from ADAM: “If U-E is like anything like the Original U-E Where i came from along Side people like Mea Hakuna Matata and Hotdog and Liverpool fc and so many other known fighters.U-E Should Smash this ...but if not i hope UE lives upto the expectations... From -ADAM-” I was apart of -U-E- in Phi when it was lead by Hotdog and Narhwal. We may only have 5 active members (1 is in v mode) but every one of these people are kickass fighters

  • hmm 30 day war... all i can say is make it a good one

  • 2 CT ign DeathAngle

  • United Empires (-U-E-)

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    Hello everyone, first of all to those of you who knew me (dont know how many are left), yes I am back This alliance originated with friends of mine in Phi and I am here to keep the tradition alive. My goal is to make this a fun and strong military alliance and with that said, I cant care less about your total score, if you have determination and are an experienced player (or have the will to learn) then you are welcome to join. Diplomat and Home Secretary positions are open. See you all on the b…

  • Well thank you for your thoughts everyone, I still personaly like this but a mod might as well just move this to the rejected ideas section now

  • lol I am 600K ts on phi (been playing for about 11 months now) and I have 8 castles (I have 2 more gr to upgrade until my 9th) each with lvl 18 town hall. I upgrade everything in order of costs and for every 2 town hall levels, I upgrade my gr in every castle by 1 level, that is my strategy for the game. So you are saying just because I have a different strategy then you I suck at playing the game?

  • What you said doesn't make any sense, the highest ts on phi is 3m and the mines around me are upgraded to 25 for wood and 20 for the luxury goods so if there is an 8m ts player and regular donations are being made then the mines should be much higher so you tell me how a 100K player will be able to fully employ people in both mines?

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    number 1

  • sotw #3

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  • Quote from Draxo: “Quote: “I think ikariam is a bit to "player friendly" ” Really? Then go and play such games like KingsAge or similar where other players can steal or even destroy your towns. ” Yes I have played games like that were other players can conquer your castles and make them their own and I think that is the only thing that is missing in ikariam, I hate having to start from scratch on every castle but hey that's my opinion. The reason I have not left ikariam is because of all the str…

  • yes I see your point on that but its better if you colonized the 1m player cause the 100K probably wouldn't have enough people to fulley employ at that high lvl mine. Either way I think ikariam is a bit to "player friendly" but hey that's great for business

  • Well to be honest these are the kind of replys I was expecting to get and im fine with it but just an fyi this is not my original idea, I took it from a game I used to play called evony and it worked out great over there. Also this idea doesn't promote the strong picking on the weak it promotes battles with equal sized players and let me tell you how. So lets say I have 2 players on my island, 1 player has 100K ts and the other has 10K, which one would I colonzie? the one with 100K because he ca…

  • General Information: If this doesn't get rejected then I have a feeling it will receive negative responses but here goes What are you suggesting? How will it change the interface/gameplay/battles/system? I am suggesting the ability to "colonize" another player. In order to colonize someone you must send in a land attack under the orders of colonize, if you successful win then you have colonized the player. What this means is the player you have colonized will loose 10% of all resources productio…

  • I like the idea of it but I think that it should be an alliance thing, meaning that a whole alliance can take control of it and reap the rewards from it, this would cause WW on the servers

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    Nope Hopla