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  • Quote from Benjamenx: “Also @Deadly - Don't forget Sky-Lord. He also is(or was? I dunno if he's still in the council) one to do a good job as Home Secretary. ” I used to tell him what to do all the time, can't give credits to that... But you handled stuff the way you saw fit :p

  • Diplomats hold the Gauntlet War declaration and closure rights, there's no agreement here to be made. You and the rest of your janitors are bound to accept the declaration war which is officially made in-game - the threads are unofficial for counting scores, if we were not on the thread, the gauntlet declaration would be the valid one - if we were not in-game, there would be no game. Should I explain basic stuff again?

  • Quote from Spectra: “But being stubborn like he is, Im sure he is gonna come up with some other nonsenz. Just watch. ” I was stubborn at many points, but that's why in any game I play, I always have a Council to guide the alliance with me. To be honest I've had one of the best Councilmen here, @Benjamenx my right hand who always had a second thought for SYN, @lucariomys @I Hate My Lifee the spearhead guidance of SYN, @Runaras @Judders the diplomatic face of SYN. Good people make good lasting all…

  • @-Hera- The war is over please close the thread when possible to stop the nonsense You guys cannot declare a 7 days war and fight for 6 days and 13 hours, deal with it cause it's simple maths. But what should we expect, arguing with people who have an "Illidian Stormrage" fan.. A WoW boss from 2004 is your idol?

  • @Deizel @Spectra Good leaders are not the ones who command only for the sake of commanding, leaders also bend the knee when it's best for their people/members/alliance. I, when I was leading SYN, asked Deizel to let go on wars and grow larger but TEA wanted to taste the fun so they had a small war with SYN and later on with other alliances which completely demolished their growth... Tbh random wars, or wars at the wrong time are devastating. As a previous leader of SYN, I willingly stepped down …

  • Oh Totis, I remember I personally kicked him from SYN months ago - he lost us 2 wars, I'll put my bet on his third lost war on LIT's side.

  • Quote from flames: “it doesnt help when blood thirsty people come to power ahah we all are like lets kille em all now! ” True mate, I can't think of any smoothly agreed power-transfer like SYN's. From diplomatic (me) to pure aggressive (you) with 0 conflicts and 0 doubts between us both. Cheers.

  • Quote from Benjamenx: “ Shame that Judders didn't do the same as me. Like I said, through your leading skills I was still attached to SYN, and it seems that the activity in Eunomia is far from diminishing thanks for SYN earning a lot of enemies. and Deadly - I think I said it back then that the PURE and SYN merge will lead to an establishment of different leadership before long. Also - lucky for those who are on Luca's main island. he really did push a lot of donations with his multis. The fact …

  • Quote from Benjamenx: “there are already 4 wars going on with SYN involved in each, and it seems like there's gonna be more hot blood ”

  • Quote from Lord of Demise: “I AM ACTUALLY CRYING XD well at least I will hunt down our former allies ” you've been hunting former allies since -PH haha

  • I am happy that the two of you, @Benjamenx and @Lord of Demise are getting along because the first started on Eunomia and the second proceeded with the same legacy. Something groups you both, if you know what I mean. Different play-styles tho

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  • Quote from battleship1992: “ - SYN has been mocking at us many times ” But... the whole server mocks 3rd_A

  • Quote from Benjamenx: “again I'm only following the threads - thanks to Deadly who got me quite attached to SYN up till forever ” You're still here haha The hostility wasn't so intense when I was still in the council; after all I let them grow their own alliance in peace and harmony under the condition of pledging loyalty to SYN. Now that I'm not leading SYN, they have no reason to keep their loyalty - that's how I see it...

  • ct requests

    Deadly - - Eunomia Archive


    5 CTs IGN: Deadly

  • ct requests

    Deadly - - Eunomia Archive


    There is already a thread for Cultural Treaty requests on each server-related board. You can find the Eunomia one here: [EUNOMIA] Looking for a Cultural Exchange? Check here FIRST!

  • I didn't know they had internet there. Anyway, good luck VN!

  • I dislike the idea. It's a strategy and you have to strategically plan your towns. Nothing wrong in having to sacrifice some buildings to build others, but putting another product on the ambrosia market without being accessible by other players isn't the way I'd go for it. If it's an achievement reward, I'm ok with it, otherwise for a paid building slot that could give a lot of bonus... Nah.

  • Quote from Tesco: “1. I don't get why a leader of an alliance would orgonise a war you wouldn't be there for. Like makes 0 sense to me. ” Our council has considered a friendly war previously, but I mentioned going away for the release of the MMO. As dynamo was negotiating the terms, date and stuff about the war, I wasn't even sharing my opinion and my General and Diplomat had full authority about this matter. If it was only about me, I'd have rejected the war cause I won't be present and this is…