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  • Game coupon giveaway

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    Thank you for the coupon, man. What was the reason for such contest? I thought you are joking....

  • Game coupon giveaway

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  • Great job my friend Solar System! Congrats! And thank you Contest.ORGaniser for the contest. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Quote from Solar System: “What do you think? ” Great! How's it going?

  • Thank you Contest.ORGaniser Solar System, my friend, are you participating to this?

  • General Information: Bashing rule was removed from game rules 5 years ago. It was a simple rule applied to everyone in the same way. If you were reported you were banned, losing time from playing the game. Army scattered, resources on the way returned. This involved GOs that had to check the number of attacks in 24 hours, decide if they are according to game rules or not. After removal of the rule, weak players have no protection. Godly mode does not count. What if there is another way to delay …

  • If you have multiple accounts on the same server some accounts reset the quantity to 500 and some do not. Randomly and without any server reset or update. That is why it is better to have them saved for each account. Cookies are not reliable, also in some cases GOs recommend to delete them for better performance of the browser or to solve some other problems. Zoom and position are reset randomly. For new accounts with only one town zoom and position are not saved at all. The account saves those …

  • General Information: I know someone suggested the zoom option sometime in the past. I now agree with him, but I want more. Zoom percent is not enough. What are you suggesting? I suggest a new option tab in Options and it has to contain the following: - zoom % - GF knows the limits (min and max) - position X,Y of the town map - position X,Y of the island map - position X,Y of the advisors window (messages, researches, etc) - the size is already displayed automatically by the game. I need only the…

  • This is simple, maybe too simple, but multiple choices have to be made to overcome it. In the event of the game changing alliance leadership automatically you should develop it more to reply to these questions: 1. how is the new leader chosen? By vote? 2. what if the 3 remaining officers want all to be leaders? 3. if one player has 2 positions, as general and diplomat for example, he gets 2 votes for the final decision? 4. if leader is chosen by the game in order of positions and that player doe…

  • This needs more details: 1. Where do you suggest to display the second external page? 2. Members are not supposed to see this page? Why? What's the point? For that they have the internal alliance page anyway. 3. How do you choose who to see it? How are the "potential members" selected to see this page? The 4 officers in an alliance must be the most active. In case one is not active for a period of time (real life comes first), his position can be given to others until he comes back.

  • Shared Occupation

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    How about gauntlet war for alliances? I never tried it, but have you?

  • Thank you iotsak

  • Quote from Anastasia: “--- you shall have rules , which are not subjective ” As far as I can see from other threads you have a new account, you just started to play and you want to grow the account, build, fight, join an alliance and fight together against an enemy, defend each other, make new friends across the world, discuss with these new friends, play the game actively, make yourself known in the game as a person like you do on the boards. Then, let me put it this way for you: you just made …

  • Quote from Anastasia: “everyone is capable to use Cinetheatre , but nobody can use the Blessing points , is it a bug or its supposed to be this way ??? ” This is absolutely normal. You can read it in the guide here Cinetheatre - a fantastic new invention Quote from Antikythera: “Note that to gain any favour, you must have a Palace. ” You cannot have a palace in the first day because you need researches.

  • Thank you very much for your reply, iotsak. I watched the 2 movies for resources and 10 minutes after that I entered vacation mode. 2 days later when I could login again, first thing was to go to cinetheatre and I saw there 11h 50m cooldown. Therefore it is a bug, or a glitch at least.

  • The purpose of my question placed here is to get a reply from Gameforge officials about game mechanics. I didn't want to post it in bugs until I am sure it is a bug. For your info, in this situation when I came back from vacation mode I had cooldown on both movies exactly the time I left when entering vacation mode so I couldn't launch other movies. Only I wasn't paying attention to see if I still get the bonus for that period of cooldown which is now over. So, question remains as in first post.

  • Here is the situation: 1. I see cinetheatre movies and get the bonus 2. 30 minutes later I enter vacation mode 3. 2 days later I login again Question: what happens when I get back from vacation mode? 1. Do I see the cooldown times for cinetheatre movies? Is the bonus still active? or 2. If there is no cooldown, can I see movies and activate bonus immediately?

  • Vote Sotw #11

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  • Quote from Deadly: “If you're angry don't reply ” Don't understand me wrongly, I am not angry, but everyone is telling you the same thing 3-4 times and in the end you say 1:0.8 must be legal against everything they said. So, in one post I enumerated all reasons they said in multiple posts so you can have a better and centralized idea. Quote from Deadly: “I used to play years ago and there were no rules like that ” Here is your mistake. The pushing rule exist since 2008. It's not wrong to say you…

  • There are already 2 staff members telling you that the trade must be 1:1 and that the higher player cannot receive resources from a lower player without sending the same amount back in 48 hours. The higher player can send unlimited resources to a lower player. Type of resources does not count, position of an alliance leader does not count, war time does not count, etc. Only the total score counts, which you have to watch closely when total scores are close. This is a very old, general, legal, si…