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  • Quote from Benjamenx: “Quote from Pegasus123: “(Hidden Content) ” I don't mean to intrude but I think a mistake was done here. The member attacked dons the IDF flag here, so I think it's irrelevant for this particular thread. It should be posted in ICE combat reports though. ” (Hidden Content)Quote from Benjamenx: “Quote from Pegasus123: “ ” I don't mean to intrude but I think a mistake was done here. The member attacked dons the IDF flag here, so I think it's irrelevant for this particular thre…

  • Very well then, for the moment we won't declare war, can't promise it won't happen at some point though... Although if anybody attacks ICE we will stomp them into the ground, as demonstrated

  • Quote from battleship1992: “people in the middle of the map has been fighting with you and syn and others for long time even before DVE was form. from alliance view we do not have any tension toward ICE yet. ” Interesting, so you're saying the actions of the few do not represent the many? We have just been feeling like more people have been getting involved in the conflict.

  • It seems there are growing tensions between our two alliances and there have been several battles... (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) I feel we should do this properly, I propose a gauntlet war to start in a weeks time and until then we leave each other alone.

  • Excellent work all, some nice CRs there. A couple from me: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Also that puts me over 100k offensive points again! So the scores are now on: ICE: 43,153.3 OLYMP: 12,574.4 A damage ratio of 77% in favour of ICE

  • ICE Combat Reports

    DarkLord of ICE - - World Eunomia


    And thus I finished the job and completed my revenge: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) I have a reputation to maintain, next time perhaps think twice before attacking me

  • So the war is now officially over, these are a last few battles from me: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Which puts the final scores on: ICE: 50,265.5 -GS-: 14,206.6 A kill ratio of 78% in favour of ICE I mean, the guy I just killed sent me a message afterward basically asking me why I was attacking and saying that we weren't at war... this alliance had members who didn't know they were even at war... -GS- clearly is not a military alliance, but perhaps they can learn something from this. So a…

  • ICE Combat Reports

    DarkLord of ICE - - World Eunomia


    Some people should know better: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) This is what you get for messing with ICE, a shame Israel only turned up in the last round otherwise poor chi pheo really would have been slaughtered

  • I'm back again, had a very busy weekend and now it's time to do some killing: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) So the scores are now on: ICE: 38,524.1 OLYMP: 11,097.4 A kill ratio of 78% in favour of ICE

  • So when I offered -GS- the chance to surrender as we have clearly beaten them, they rather rudely declined with the phrase "f off", naturally I didn't take too kindly to this. Thus we shall continue to pummel their lifeless alliance into the ground: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) And then like a true coward he hit vacation mode So the scores are now: ICE: 49,194.1 -GS-: 14185,.0 A kill ratio of 78% in favour of ICE

  • Some truly impressive battles there, nice work bytehead! That puts the scores on ICE: 16,605.5 OLYMP: 6,619.8 A kill ratio of 72% in favour of ICE Keep it up team

  • Another one from me: (Hidden Content) Scores are now: ICE: 4076.3 OLYMP: 281.4 A kill ratio of 94% in favour of ICE

  • Quote from drasko7: “wtf you need to join us on new server when it comes out ” Ha ha that battle was a perfect example of how to use Steam Giants if I say so myself And ahh I would if i had the time and the willpower to start over again, but... I've just got good on this server and I'd hate to go back to looting barbarians 24/7

  • So here we go again, I have kicked things off with something that can't really be called a battle, rather organised genocide: (Hidden Content) I also killed a measly ram ship as first blood So the scores are: ICE: 2822.1 OLYMP: 148.4 A kill ratio of 95% in favour of ICE More to come obviously

  • The IronClaw Empire shall declare war on The Olympians! Our war with -GS- has pretty much come to an end, we've destroyed them without any real challenge, so we need somebody else to fight! The war shall begin at 12:00 server time on February 8th and shall last for 2 weeks until February 22nd at 12:00 and shall be scored by a gauntlet war, or if the gauntlet is not accepted then by combat reports posted on the board. Points shall only be scored via generals score and no strategy shall be conside…

  • A truly incredibly day for ICE, if I'm honest I think this war is already over, in the space of 2 days the alliance -GS- has dropped by over 40,000 generals score, 3 of their members are now in vacation mode and not one ICE city has been attacked. (Hidden Content) Well done fellow ICE Warriors, let's keep this up! And that puts the scores on: ICE: 35,594.9 -GS-: 9,998.4 A kill ratio of 78% in favour of ICE

  • Oh I can't take even half the credit, a lot of this is bytehead's doing, with him as general things get done Another one from me: (Hidden Content) So that brings the scores up to: ICE: 20,849.3 -GS-: 47,76.2 A kill ratio of 81% in favour of ICE And I know we're about to see a beautiful sea battle from hedshot...

  • Last one from me for the day: (Hidden Content) I've got another target for tomorrow, question is, who is it? Who dies tomorrow? Scores: ICE: 16,958.7 -GS-: 3,708 A kill ratio of 82% in favour of ICE

  • It's all looking very good so far (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) And then this beauty as I finish off their leader: (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) So many mortars, so many points So the scores so far are: ICE: 16,194.7 -GS-: 3698.2 A kill ratio of 81% in favour of ICE Not to mention the fact TWO members of -GS- are already in vacation mode and the war has only been going for 1 day!

  • The next one is a joint effort with Lord Boris and a splendid show indeed: (Hidden Content) So the scores are: ICE: 7022.7 -GS-: 2204.4 A kill ratio of 76% in favour of ICE