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IronClaw Empire [ICE] vs The Olympians [OLYMP]

28 491

DarkLord of ICE

IronClaw Empire [ICE] vs Giraffe Squad [GS]

30 624

DarkLord of ICE

Declaration of War: FOR FUN ONLY [FFO] vs. SICK [O_O]

181 4,420


Barbarians (Barbs) vs. Lunar (Sol) Official War Declaration

164 4,752


RED's wars (Vs PH, VN)

2 229

DarkLord of ICE

The Adventures of the Troll Army

27 2,224

DarkLord of ICE

RIP MM & idea to stay active

8 470


DarkLord of ICE vs PHOENIX (PHX)

79 5,435


Free Radicals [RAD] vs Shok ComingBack [SHok]

9 676


Me V.S. Alliance [PHX]

19 1,419


The Merchants (TM) declare war on Sunday Schooled (PRAY)

132 6,663