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  • Zeta The Present World Generation

    Hello Zetans,

    As a cover story for the Zeta!Today Journalism,I present to you the Past, Present and Future of World Zeta!

    The Cheif Editorial Team went out and interviewed 3 alliances that have represented Zeta for more than a year.What came from them was sheer experience and words of wisdom.I consider myself quite lucky to be one of the interviewers and it was an imense pride moment of pride as the Diplomats and Leaders of the alliance spoke about themselves and how they have revolutionised and kept themselves stable in the gaming.

    The alliances that took a few minutes of their precious time to interact were INDY,SG-1 and IRON.
  • Ind Net Damn Yanks INDY

    This alliance is all power and brains!

    If you have enough experience and over 100k and 1k generals,you will be given a free ticket in INDY and will be promised one of the most memorable rides of your life!This alliance was started 2 months after INDY but ever since then has caught up with them real quick.The brain behind INDY was Jikarium who used his calibre and courage to bring forth INDY through terrible and happy times alike.

    INDY boosts of a great internal alliance ranking system which is the X-factor in the alliance.

    Besides that most of the interaction and goodwill are done through the INDY forum which welcomes anybody to join and interact with their members

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  • Interview with BoB leader

    The Interview Begins

    Corresponent:Hello Sir..I am conducting an interview for the best in the zeta.Would you mind answering a few questions?

    Lord Neocout: sure mate...Shoot right away!

    Correspondent: When was BoB started?

    Lord Neocount:Some time in March 2008

    Correspondent: Who was the brain behind this alliance?

    Neo:Well the allaince was founded but a guy named Crash. I took over about a month afterwards.

    Correspondent: How many shifts this alliance has gone through?

    Neo: Not really sure what you mean but if i could guess i would say 3. 1 for me taking over the alliance 2 and 3 would be where we have had 2 new groups of players who have been my active members.

    Correspondent: What's the alliance's highest position?

    Neo:Ranked 5

    Correspondent:What new innovative methods have been made by the alliance leaders to
    keep the members happy?

    Neo:Nothing new we just war with other alliances that seems to keep them happy. : )

    Correspondent: Any war formations?

    Neo:War book is secret sorry.

    Correspondent:Your alliance motto?

    Neo:You attack us we attack you.
  • Is this thread still active? I have noticed that Skilz was sent to the pillory yesterday. He was allegedly banned for fleet contact. But I think the pillory here in the forums is different from the ones in the game. So I suppose he can still continue with this "alliance interview" thingy. ?(
  • considering this "Zeta journalism" thingy was taken from my Zeta News idea without expressed consent im not to surprised to see it disappear. so the original offices are still up and standing proud with their fancy coffins and pitch forks with babies. ah well once again Karma has intervened perhaps?

    Ancient editor of ZetaNews...died while dusting off old newspapers...

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