(F-BmV)Bloodmoon Vikings vs M4H

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  • (F-BmV)Bloodmoon Vikings vs M4H

    Declaration of War by the (F-BmV)Bloodmoon Vikings against M4H.

    The F-BmV is officially declaring war on M4H for their war against F-UIN. War is to conclude when the M4H -- F-UIN war is concluded. Nothing personal in this war and much respect to M4H. I know M4H declared to help Thor and as such we do the same. Sometimes to honor a promise you must sacrifice some troops. Best of luck to all involved.

    Bloodmoon Vikings *Leader*
  • now fighting M4H is the real thing. so much more of a challenge, this will be a real test for FIA.

    Theta is on fire, and the heat is high in here..
  • As of game time 00.00.00 7/28/09 the FIA war as well as F-BmV with M4H will be ended.

    @ Damien There is a proposal out there but Grakk hasnt given an answer. Grakk has called FMF a coward and talks of him hiding. FMF has been to Grakks island and occupied his towns. Has Grakk done the same to FMFs towns? Grakk says he wants peace and blames FMF for the current war. FMF has taken the responsibility for his part. FMF has challenged Grakk to a one on one war. Grakk has double FMFs points. If Grakk refuses he shows himself a coward. If Grakk blames the Syndicate for not taking the challenge then Grakk shows he has no control of the Syndicate. The war was over Thor, therefore if Grakk is the Supreme Leader of the Syndicate and wants peace like he says, he should be able to end the war from his side. Grakk must also decide whats best for his entire alliance as well as you as an officer should do. Lastly we at F-BmV wish to pay our respect to the Thor and few M4H members we have tormented over the last two weeks. It was nothing personal and while we enjoyed the engagement we didnt enjoy having to to continue the assult. We would ask to be contacted if you wished to stay out of the war but because of the actions by one Syndicate member that option is no longer respected. If this war continues and you wish not to fight then we ask you to go into vacation mode. Looking forward to the next few days.
  • I hear what you arte saying but

    Peace requires both sides to agree. You cannot declare peace on your own.

    There are two things you can do on your own: Declare war and surrender.

    Grakk has issued a war decleration, that now is in opertaion.

    War continues.
  • Im not sure why you responded anyway. All we have said is that the FIA war is over. We are well aware that Thor has their own war thread. As stated before the FIA war is over. The occurring war is a war by Thor, not the FIA. You have said no talks were out there but there is a proposed plan of action on the table. Your leader has said he will think it over and put it to the Syndicate. I dont see what there is to put before the Syndicate if he is the Syndicate Leader, has control, is wanting peace, and it is his alliance at the center of the action. I would think it would be his decision alone and as the Syndicate leader he should be able to achieve peace. Use the current cease fire from FIA side of the conflict for what ever purpose you choose. Attack, scream victory, scream defeat, call names, or what ever makes you happy. The FIA stance has been made. We now wait to here from Grakk so we can move forward. :closed1: