What's his score - Score Search Icon [Greasemonkey]

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    • What's his score - Score Search Icon [Greasemonkey]

      Revised 2008/08/25

      Introducing the Ikariam Inline Score (formally Ikariam Score Linker).


      What does it do?
      Allows players scores to be shown on the island may or intown view for the
      selected town, meaning no more looking up the scores on the score board.


      This script requires the Firefox Addon, Greasemonkey.
      Greasemonkey: link
      Firefox: link

      Green Pass

      This scrip has been verified to be used by marko_tmc.

      This script is no longer a legal script ~Ignomis Drakis

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    • Originally posted by SlaughterMan
      OP wins a huge pile of internet.

      I can't decide if that's a compliment, or an insult :P

      If you like it; can I have cookies instead?
    • happy to oblige. :) and this is cool *installs*

      Edit: for the record, you have a typo in your script that keeps it from running (at least on my computer:

      typo: var listElements = cityInformation.getElementsByTagName('li')
      should be: var listElements = cityInformation.getElementsByTagName('li');
      (forgot the ";" at the end)

      and just so you know this also won't work (throws an exception) because the city is not seleted until after page load, if the city is selected on page load then all is cool, but otherwise != good :P

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    • I like this. Is there anyway you could make it so we can run both versions at the same time? different links for the different choices.

      Also, it's forcing open in a new tab. It'd be nice if we could have the link open in the current tab.
    • so this script was so awesome I couldnt resist seriously modding it out, and thanks to the GPL, that's possible!

      my version of the script contains the above 'total score' script and some special enhancements of my own (for example I fixed the text rendering glitch that made the name show up weird) and it works on the island view now as well (so if you click on a city it shows this link next to the person's name)

      oh and immortalnights, I would much rather just help you by modding out your code when I see something that I would like another way (much less involved) but if you ever need something done, just PM me, I'll help (and yes I know (X)HTML, JS, DOM and for now am in Europe).

      anyways... here is the infamous code. all credit and props go to immortalnights.
    • hey everyone (all 12 of you who installed before the time on this post) I just made an update to the script, a small one, but a significant one, I optimized a part of the code so that it will work faster, so that it won't make it take forever when you click on a town in map view until it loads the sidebar, sorry about that that was an oversight of mine.
    • Thank you muchly for the update wphilipw.

      (As for the error you commented on earlier, I did say it was a little rushed :) )

      Nonetheless, well done with the changes, will save me plenty of time in doing it myself.

      I'll change the notes in the file, and upload the two versions to replace the above links.

      Might get a Mod to edit my OP also to reflect the change also.
    • Great tool but there exist one negative aspect:

      The symbole doesn't appear on all colonies. It only appear on some cities of a player!

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    • Little bug? I can't click the link unless I have a city on the island of the player I'm searching for.

      Edit: I refreshed and it worked. Sorry.

      Though, I ask again, would it be possible to add another link next to it for general's points?

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    • Because that follows. Not like firefox is free or anything.

      there is no excuse. You simply perpetuate Msofts mediocrity by using their mediocre products. Force them to compete!
    • about the various island view glitches:

      In island view the script has to bind into a pre-existing "onclick" infrastructure. It can't just "add a link" because the place it has to add the link to, and what to add a link to, don't exist until the user (you) click on the city. Because of that, sometimes it might miss it's cue when it is binding into the structure (it is supposed to let the regular script fire and then fire itself. but sometimes it might fire first by accident) I could fix this by putting it in a 1 millisecond timeout, but I'm too lazy because I know I can just refresh it and it works. If someone else wants to, be my guest.