The Crusaders - Recruiting

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    • The Crusaders - Recruiting

      8o The Crusaders [FREE]No 51 and going up

      Alliance Leaders

      Leader - 1ceman
      General - Deadspace
      Home Secretary - 1ceman
      Diplomat - Calahad
      Emperor - KalangO

      We, the Crusaders monitor and observe peace processes in post-conflict areas and assist ex-combatants in implementing the peace agreements that they may have signed. Such assistance comes in many forms, including confidence-building measures, power-sharing arrangements, electoral support, strengthening the rule of law, and economic and social development. Crusaders contributes to the furthering of a peace process, once established. This includes, but is not limited to, the monitoring of withdrawal by combatants from a former conflict area, the supervision of elections, and the provision of reconstruction aid.
      Crusaders are often soldiers, but they do not have to be. Similarly, while Crusaders are sometimes armed, they do not have to engage in combat unless otherwise there is a necessity to do so. Crusaders were not at first expected to ever fight. As a general rule, they were deployed when the ceasefire was in place and the parties to the conflict had given their consent. They were deployed to observe from the ground and reported impartially on adherence to the ceasefire, troop withdrawal or other elements of the peace agreement. This gave time and breathing space for diplomatic efforts to address the underlying causes of conflict. If anyone or any alliance belittles our credibility, then We are deemed to retaliate in any form.

      Thus, a distinction must be drawn between peacekeeping, crusades and other operations aimed at peace.

      We, the Crusaders are a peaceful alliance who do not get into any unnecessary wars or battles. Crusaders are as one in all circumstances, except if there is any reason for us not to do so. We, the Crusaders do not get involved in any diplomatic problems, except if WE are asked to do so by participating alliances.

      We, the Crusaders help members by providing them with resources they need to build up their towns under simple BARTER LAW .We the Crusaders also provide trading opportunities and military protection for those who ask us within our alliance or from other alliances.

      To become a member of the Crusaders, there are few rules and regulations which are strictly
      Mandatory to us.

      Rules & Regulations

      1) Total Points - must be over 50,000 points if not join Alliance Young Crusaders

      2) General Points - Must be > 500 points or sufficient enough to protect from attacking troops

      3) Communication Skills

      - Must Speak English ( No other languages allowed )

      - Whenever a message is sent from a fellow member, a reply message should be sent to acknowledge it

      4) Must be willing to contribute to fellow members when asked

      5) Must be willing to send defending troops to allied members when asked to defend the attacked town.

      6) Whenever a member has decided that he / she is capable enough to fend for themselves without the help of the alliance and wants to leave the alliance should provide sufficient explanations to the leaders of the alliance.

      A little information about our alliance.

      First we want to tell you a little about how our Alliance is set up. As soon a new member to the empire you, automatically become King / Queen of your kingdoms as such you are now part of what we call the FELLOWSHIP OF KINGS. Being part of this fellowship we require mutual respect and compliance to all laws and decree’s. As part of the fellowship comes great responsibility, and as you progress through our nobility the greater the responsibility.

      To ensure everyone knows the hierarchy of our leadership and nobility we will clearly outline it in the following so please read carefully. This document is considered to be taken as intended without loophole. If there are any discrepancies please report it to the Senate.

      We will start with the bottom of the hierarchy and work our way up because as you rise in nobility you still retain all rights of the lower nobility.

      Quick Reference of Nobility

      > > > > Gentleman : 0 – 999

      > > > > Esquire : 1 000 – 2 499

      > > > > Apprentice Knight : 2 500 – 4 999

      > > > > Knight : 5 000 –9 999

      > > > > Baronet : 10 000 – 39 999

      > > > > Baron 2nd Class : 40 000 – 49 999

      > > > > Baron : 50 000 – 79 999

      > > > >
      Viscount : 80 000 – 99 999

      > > > > Count : 100 000 – 129 999

      > > > > Earl : 130 000 – 149 999

      > > > > Marquess : 150 000 – 199 999

      > > > > Duke : 200 000 – 299 999

      > > > > Prince : 300 000 – 339 999

      > > > > Archduke : 400 000 – 499 999

      > > > > Grand Duke : > 500 000


      Nobility that belong to the fellowship: ALL

      Rights - As a member of the fellowship you have the right to military assistance from the general. However, the senate may institute a tax for upkeep of the military during peace and war. This tax maybe paid in the prescribed methods they senate decided on in the creation of the general. You have the right to peace, prosperity, and guidance from all.


      Nobility that belong to the Senate as Jr Members - Knight to Baronet

      Nobility that belong to the Senate as Sr Members - Baron 2nd Class to Prince

      Rights - There is no limit to the amount of senators. Each Sr Senator is allowed one veto per law. Veto is defined as the right to vote. Jr members do not have the right to vote however they do have the right to speak on laws just as Sr members.

      Laws - To pass a law it should be supported by 2/3 of Senators.

      Oversight - The general will provide oversight of the Senate. However the general will have the following restrictions. He or she will not have veto power, the right to speak on laws, or postpone the vote on laws. He or she will strictly provide oversight to conduction the week to week agenda and news to the senate. However, he will be the voice of the PRIVY COUNCIL on official ruling

      Privy Council

      Nobility that belong to the Privy Council - Chancellor, General, Diplomat, and Home Secretary. These are a post for as long as the post conducts his or her duties and can only be removed by a veto of “no confidence” by the senate which must be a unanimous decision. Any empty post will be filled by the Emperor’s appointment which must be approved by the senate on a ¾ vote and the Privy Council’s unanimous vote, with the exclusion of the Chancellor who is chosen by the senate.

      Definition - A Privy Council is a body that advices the head of state, Emperor, how to exercise His or Her executive authority. The word “privy” means private or secret; thus, a privy council was originally a committee of the monarch’s closest advisers to give confidential advice on affairs of state

      Responsibilities - Gives advice on choosing the Generals, Diplomat and other government posts gives advice whether to retain or cancel any treaties with other empires. Elect a new general if the current general does not intend to carry out His/her duty. Ensure the senate elects a new Chancellor if the current one does not intend to carry out His/her duty.

      Chancellor - A chancellor will be appointed by the Privy who will be the voice of the senate and will hold open discussions with all senators on laws suggested by all members.


      Appointment - As prescribed under Privy Council.

      Authority - Collect taxes, as prescribed by the senate. Defend the empire from invasion, and enforce the laws of the senate. The General may seek collection of lost goods from Kings and Queens on behalf of the Empire after consent of the Emperor and Privy Council. Any other authority given by the senate.

      Senate - The general will preside of the senate as prescribed in the senate section.

      Privy Council - The general will have a seat at the Privy Council and will have veto power.


      Appointment - As prescribed under Privy Council.

      Authority - Has the right to collection reparations for damage done to our allies from Kings or Queens of the fellowship. If collection is not given freely he or she may request it to be taken by the general and the Empire’s army. If such a thing was to ever occur the Privy Council and Emperor must be unanimous on the veto of such action. The post will also maintain all diplomatic relations on behalf of the empire. No other may do such.

      Home Secretary

      Appointment - Lifetime appointment

      Authority - He heads the Privy Council, however does not hold veto power. He holds the power to quash meaning to defeat forcibly. He may exercise this power to quash any law that has passed the senate. This quash can only be repealed by a unanimous vote of the senate. If this were to happen the law cannot be revived expect by the home secretary.


      Election - The EMPEROR is chosen from among the FELLOWSHIP OF KINGS. He or she is elected by popular vote. Nominations are to be help 2 weeks in advance to the election where candidates will be announced to the FELLOWSHIP. After which each King or Queen will have a week to gather support and make formal addresses to the FELLOWSHIP at approved times. After the week of nominations there will be an election where ALL members may vote. In the event that no one King or Queen secures 1/3 of the votes from the FELLOWSHIP the lowest nominee in the running will be removed and voting will take place

      Treaty Partners

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