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  • The Board Team

    Board Administrators

    The Board Administrators (BA) are in charge of keeping the forum running, as well as introducing new features to the board. Board Administrators are the highest instance on the board side. If you want to complain about a Super Moderator you can contact them. If a Super Moderator does not reply to a message within 48 hours, go ahead and send it to a Board Administrator.

    Super Moderators

    Super Moderators are the next level after the Moderators. If you have complaints about the Moderators or Global Moderators you can contact a Super Moderator and they will look into the situation. The Super Board Moderator(SMOD) is the board team counterpart to the SGO.

    Global Moderators

    Global Moderators do the same job as regular Moderators. The only difference is that instead of being assigned (only) to specific sections, they have moderator access to the whole board. They are the backup moderators in sections assigned to the mods below them when those people are away.

    Board Moderators

    Moderators are enforcing the Rules on the Boards. They are the first contact person for players to report rule violations to and to ask for help. Moderators take care of the Boards they are assigned to, e.g.: processing reported posts and issue warnings when needed keeping the stickies up to date monitoring the threads in their sections and enforcing the board rules there helping new players with questions. You can contact Moderators via PM.

    Trial Moderators

    Trial Moderators do the same job as regular Moderators. The only difference is that they are being watched more closely and that eventually a time comes when the Board Administrators decide whether to make them a full MOD or to release them from their duties.

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