Swordsmen and other units: Modifying Unit Looks (Please read)

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  • Alliance uniforms would be a good idea too which someone has mentioned thats if this would be displayed on the battle field so the enemy could see it.

    I haven't myself noticed if an enemy has an upgraded unit, so something like a bronze/silver/gold hat, or simply a rank symbol used in real armies
    (like this ^) were displayed in the top right hand corner of the unit box in the battle field?
  • the only possible reason to oppose it is maybe taking time from other more needed improvements.

    But it shouldn't be too hard to have a simple if-then statement in the code to display the different ranked units at least.
    if rank=standard then (display basic picture)
    else if rank=bronze then (display bronze picture) [ as noted, could jsut be a different hat or little rank symbol over the picture]
    else if rank = silver then display silver
    else dispaly gold

    If the change to the pictures is simple enough wouldn't really take any time to make new ones and any new units it would be part of their initial coding.

    having alliance chosen uniforms could get complicated though depending how much allow them to self create them.
  • err I don't think that would be a good idea. Anyway.... It would be good as well if intsead of just getting peices of armour it improves previous ones aswell. No extra stats but just looks.
  • this suggestion change does nothing to affect the game, and it would prove to be solely more work for the people providing the game's interface.
    HOWEVER, an overall cosmetic change (not just the swordsmen, but maybe even the ability to zoom in on your town to see people walking around) sure would make the game a lot more fun!

    i.e. "hey dad! look at this dude in my town near my hideout! he sure looks like a ninja! you should join ikariam, it is awesome!"
  • nice and more...

    this is good.. like after defense upgrades.. there could be more amount of armour.. like heavier looking armour..
    tht looks good

    maybe they could do something with buildings too.
    like how do u differentiate with a lvl 1 tavern and a lvl 25 tavern by looking at it?
    cant.. after advancing there should be some type of visual improvement in the buildings too..

    and ALLIANCE LOGO's can be hung in towns.. and on unit uniforms too..

  • Visible upgrades and uniforms

    I think this would be a great upgrade. When you look on the CR battle view, you'll be able to see which units have their swords (attack) upgraded and how many levels and which units have their shields/helmets (armor) upgraded and how many levels. Right now I can only see "Upgrade: steel shield" if I hover over the unit and that doesn't tell me about his attack upgrades only about the level 3 armor upgrade.

    It could also make them shine/glow (brighter background) or something of the sort, when under the influence of a miracle. I'm not sure where you see that the person you are fighting has activated a miracle.

    As for their uniforms, it will be nice if the vests/breastplates that they are wearing could have a specific (chosen by you) color. I think in big battles when you have 5-7 alliance members in the fight, you always have to check your troops losses and then have to check how many you had last round and how many you got left this round. In order to see which of your troops are on the battle field. I think they could make it really easy for you to see that you have 2 slots in the front line and all slots from artillery that are your color, meaning they are your guys fighting. Troops in reserve can stay as they are right now, I'm just interested in the battle field view.

    Knowing which of your troops are fighting with one glance, it will allow you to start sending reinforcements faster. Knowing that they are fighting troops with better/worse upgrades then your troops, will allow you to plan accordingly and not run out of troops by miscalculations or because of lack of information.

    All those changes suggested here will allow you to get a better feel of the battle field and of how to act/react during a battle. I really do hope they will look over this, although I don't have high hopes, since it's been suggested for a while already and nothing happened.
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  • i agree the game could go for a huge makeover to make it more appealing to new users and keep old ones interested i hope in future versions it gets implemented :thumbsup:
  • macubix wrote:

    Well if unit pictures will change, please do as well on the buildings... That would look interesting and refreshing :D as well as the island castle picture!! No offense but it's already old and thus need a change!

    Thanks for the update BTW!! LOVE IT!

    Yes.. man.. units and buildings should change in looks.. when they gets upgraded.. that's more realistic..

    you have a two storied building.. you spent some bucks to make it 3 storied.. but the building size and looks are same.. weird.. and creepy..

    two thumbs from me.. :thumbsup: