Temples and Priests

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  • Temples and Priests

    So 0.3.2 came out for a while now. And since i have all my building space jammed up, i didn't bother building a temple. To all of you out there, do any of you find it necessary to build a temple on your islands? pros and cons plz.
    Forever NWA
  • I built one ...then got rid of it.

    I built a temple just to see what it looked like. Then I got rid of it. I have no room for it. I'm still trying to figure out the
    mix of buildings I need without this new addition getting in my way.
  • I did the same thing as Emp_Napolean i just wanted to see what it looked like and then got rid of it, but if you want to offer from the gods you may want to build it and upgrading it to have the offer! :|
  • Avoiding populated islands is highly advisable in building a temple - otherwise it will be an uphill battle to get anything out of it (an aspect that should be changed).

    Please reconsider your permanent ban practices!

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    (Suggestion: The lit match has been dropped. Its too late now... :thumbdown: )
  • Neat idea, but not worth the benefit, IF you can get it to pay off (as James indicated above). I would much rather have my cheaper and slightly more defensive tradeships back instead of a chance to get my ships loaded faster for 30 mins. None of the miracles are as good as what they replaced. Add in the fact you have to fill a spot AND pay for priests = No Thanks.
  • I have temples on three islands because I like the sound of the wonders. On one island there are many people pushing to get level 5 faith(just passed 3 now), one person has more than 1k priests on it between two towns. The other two islands are ok but no where near the same enthusiasm. ;)
  • I have found that it really is only worth having a temple if you are in contact with others on the island. If your the only one wanting the miracle and 5 others are on the island good luck. I think the miracle being based on the TOTAL island pop is absurd. What are u supposed to do about vactationers or inactives. Yeah the GO's get to them but that could be awhile.

    As for them not being worth it i would have to disagree. The one temple i have that is ready for use, i think it rocks. ALL MY TOWNS, not just the one with the miracle get +'s to morale. How can you say that sucks? If you have a alliance member on the same island the boost to morale goes even higher if they just send 1 slinger to your town, not to mention if your on a alliance stronghold. I dont care what size army you send. If the defender can get 15 slingers from other alliance members in that town with +1000 to morale. Your gonna be hard pressed to keep your troops up for the fight.
  • Mainly a wash since it gives a morale boost to you AND your enemies. Only really worthwile if you have more troops and are in a battle of attrition.

    The only ones worth anything IMO are the 30% of dead troops back in marble (minimal) and The one which will make a percentage (up to 100%) of enemy troops flee (from any city). Of course, they will come right back, but gives you more time to send resources away, recieve reinforcements.

    So IF you want to give up a space, and IF you want to spend the $$$ on priests, and IF you can get others on island to play nicely AND you either want a little marble or a little more time before a conflict, go for it. Does not seem like a good bargin to me though.


    You can buy A LOT of chefs for that same $$$ and only YOU recieve a morale boost.

    Buy money I mean not only the gold for priests, but the resources for improving the miracle, the resources for building the temple and the resources lost if that space had been a resource reducer or increaser, which at high levels can be A LOT.
  • i cant say i agree with the morale assement. The miracle states that for the enemy troops must be STATIONED in your towns. I may be mistaken but someone outside your walls tring to get in isnt stationed there, airgo, forfiet the use of the miracle. Now if your occupied and try to break it using the miracle then yes the enemy troops should get use of if. I agree with the cooks idea but then you have all this $$$ in cooks per hr when the miracle doesnt really cost that much, the loss of gold for the priests is alot less than what it takes to upkeep a cook, you dont even loose the 3 gold hr like you do if putting them in resource gathering. I have a level 11 temple and it only costs 2100 wood and 2700 glass to make and i can put up to 255 priests in it. Also, if i need to adjust for a large attack i have the perfect place to get the needed gold without sacrificing my resource gathering.