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  • Board Rules

    Each user agrees, with his or her registration on the Boards, to the following board rules. The Board Staff reserves the right to warn, censor and where necessary ban users if any of the following rules are not adhered to.

    Where you are directed to contact the Board Team, you should make contact via the Ikariam Support System located at: .


    1. Each user may register and control one account only.
      • Should two users access the boards from the same IP address, a member of the Board Team should be contacted.

    2. Users are not permitted to share board accounts.
      • The instructions in point 1 should be followed when registering the second account.

    3. The user is responsible for all content posted from his or her board account.


    1. All content should be posted in English.

    2. All content should be appropriate to users of all ages. This includes (but is not limited to):
      • Inappropriate Language.
      • Pornographic content.
      • Immoral content.
      • Politically extremist.

    3. All content should be legal and in accordance with the law in the Federal Republic of Germany. Special reminder regarding:
      • Illegal downloading.
      • So called “Warez”, Cracks, etc.
      • Copyrighted content.

    4. Spam is not permitted on the boards. The term spam on these forums applies to (but is not limited to):
      • Posts which contain three words or less. (Exceptions granted where less than three words is sufficient in a thread.)
      • Posts which are outside the scope of the original post (also referred to as “off topic” posts).
      • Posts whose sole purpose is to ‘bump’ dead threads (exceptions in specific sections apply).
      • So called “Smilie spam”. A strict limit of 5 ‘static’ smilies, or 3 ‘animated’ smilies per post is imposed.
      • So called “Quote pyramids”, where 5 or more posts are consecutively quoted unnecessarily.
      • So called "Post Hunting", where a series of posts are made by a user with the sole intention of increasing the user's post count.
      • Excessive scroll images or posts.
      • Spam controls are relaxed on the 'Spamboard'. Consult the Spamboard rules thread for specific exceptions.

    5. “Flaming” is not permitted on the boards.
      • The term “flaming” on the Boards is interpreted as posts which are hostile and (or) insulting between two or more users.

    6. “Trolling” is not permitted on the boards.
      • The Term “trolling” on the Boards is interpreted as posts whose content incites, or is likely to incite, “flaming” from other users.

    7. The advertising and (or) linking to of Browser Games not owned by GameForge is not permitted on the boards. A special reminder:
      • So called “bite links” are not permitted for any website. “Bite links” are links whose aim is to count the number of visitors, usually (but not always) for reward to the owner.

    8. The posting of content on behalf of banned users is not permitted.

    9. When posting ingame messages or private content which directly involves one (or more) additional parties, the consent of all parties must be given.
      • This includes town/island co-ordinates; a user may only post his or her own co-ordinates.

    10. Discussion of warnings or bans is not permitted anywhere on the boards.
      • An appropriate member of the Team should be contacted in such cases.

    User Profile

    1. Signatures must conform to the content rules ( 4 – 13 ), should not affect the readability of the board and any images within a signature must comply with the following image restrictions:
      • A file size no greater than 80kb.
      • A maximum height of 150px and maximum width of 500px.

    2. Avatar images must comply with the content rules.

    3. Profile fields must comply with the content rules.


    1. The impersonation of any member of the team, or GameForge staff, is not permitted anywhere on the boards.
      • This also includes so called "Back seat modding", where a user posts content in a manner reserved for official Ikariam Board Staff. This can include but is not limited to:

        Non thread starters posting smilies in threads such as: :qatc: or :closed1:

    2. Reporting posts which do not break any of the points in the rules, “spamming” of the report tool, or any other form of misuse of the “Report” button is strictly forbidden.

    Final Notes

    The Board Team has a structure designed to best serve you. All Moderators and Trial Moderators are assigned a Super Moderator. The Super Moderator (also referred to as a SMod) is there to ensure that Moderators are enforcing the rules equally, and that they are upholding the high standards of support the Administration expects. If you are unhappy with a Moderator’s performance, you should contact their Super Moderator. If you are still unhappy then you can contact a Board Administrator. All members of the Board Administration are responsible for the Board Team working on and will proceed with your query as necessary.

    Also note that if a topic has been closed and you feel it to have been wrongfully closed, first contact the Moderator who closed the thread. If you still feel that improper action was taken, contact their Super Moderator as described previously.

    The Board Administration reserves the right to censor posts, and (or) ban users which may not have breached any of the above rules. When processing complaints the Board Administrator’s word is final.

    In extreme cases board based offences can lead to in-game and (or) IRC bans.

    The Terms and Conditions of Ikariam apply to all users and content on the forums and should be referred to before registering.