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    • Alpha World Records Submission Thread

      2013 Update:

      This is the submission thread for the Alpha World Records

      For a submission to be considered valid, you need to include:
      1. Your ingame name. You must include your ingame name in every submission post, even if it is the same as your board name and even if you have made previous submissions in the thread.
      2. A screenshot of your submission. Screenshots need to be large enough that they can be identified. If you are submitting a record for an island resource, we also need the name of the island (not the island coordinates). You can either embed the screenshot in the post using img tags [img][/img] or give a direct link, but if you embed the image you must use spoiler tags to prevent excessive scrolling on the page.

      How to make and upload screenshots
      Spoiler Guide

      Record Keeping Policies:

      If multiple entries are of equal level then they will be displayed together, but only up to 5 entries for each record.

      If your account is permanently banned from the game, or vanishes from the world due to either inactivity or manual deletion, your name will be removed from the records and your spots will become available to other players. If your name is removed because your account vanished due to inactivity, and you return, you may have your records reinstated by making a post in the submission thread with a request. If one of the records has accumulated 5 entries during your absence, that record will not be reinstated, even though you had a spot there before. Also if you change your ingame name, you run the risk of being removed from the table because you will appear to have "vanished" to us. So if you do change your name it would be wise to make a post in the thread so we can update the table.

      Also there will be no "lining up" submissions; that is to say, do not post a submission for a record when there are already 5 entries in the chart and expect to have that record added the next time someone happens to vanish. If someone is removed from the table, only submissions forward of their removal will be considered for their spot. If you notice someone has disappeared, it is perfectly acceptable to make a submission asking us to remove them and add your record in their place. We will not be checking for vanished players regularly so if you notice someone in the table who no longer exists and would like their spot, you may make a submission stating that, however you cannot make any "premature" submissions, in advance of someone vanishing to "reserve" a spot for yourself. Such submissions will be ignored, even if a spot opens up at a later point in time.

      That is all. Please remember to include your ingame name in each post, and to use spoilers for embedded images.

      Thank you,
      Mod Glenwing

      Ingame Rules | Board Rules | Open a Ticket

      If you have an issue with my moderating, feel free to send a private message to me or to my supervisor, -Hera- .

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    • what's the point in including things which aren't actually an achievement at all like

      lvl 32 carpentry, Architect`s Office, 160 boats etc

      hundreds of ppl would have these
    • my trading post is lvl23 for example. and there is more buildings which I have level or two higher. cant believe that these records will stay there long. too average achievments.
    • shipyard lvl32
      Ingame nick: Liqvd

      I'll post the whole screen this time as i'm a bit unsure what is "a decent size". Please state the exact minimum size required. I hope we are still allowed to blur out stuff to protect the privacy of both ourselves and our ikariam towns/citizens?