Silver Chalice [S C]

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  • Silver Chalice [S C]

    1. Alliance Name: Silver Chalice
    2. Alliance Tag: S C
    3. Founder(s) of Alliance or her Leader(s): Stryker Storm
    4. Contact person(s) or diplomat(s): Stryker Storm, ravenuko
    5. Current Rank of Alliance: 4
    6. Brief description of Alliance: We are a peaceful alliance until provoked.

    - Current Number of Members: 40
    - Current Allies: None, working on it.
    - Current Enemies/Wars: None
    - Number of desired Members: As many as possible

    We are currently the 4th biggest alliance on the Delta server.
    You need only apply if you are active with the average amount of points (3,000+)

    Anyone interested in joining the alliance should PM me ingame, or just apply, if you don't know how to apply, full instructions are on our alliance page.

    Kind Regards
    Stryker Storm, founder and leader of the Silver Chalice.

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  • I wan to join your Alliance add me please :D now was 14,893 point will be over 15k in 1 days time.

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  • Stryker storm you sound a little bit desperate with all these announcements every 1 week!! hehhehe!! :pll:

    anyway,i wish you luck with your efforts!!

    King Alexander,diplomat of the Phoenix Knights.

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  • Not at all.

    Truth is, there's nothing else to do, so might as well bump up the thread again.
    It's not like I do it everyday.

    (this post is not intended to bump the thread before someone mentions it, after all, it's already right at the top)
  • Silver Chalice is now recruiting a general.
    This is your chance to become an officer in one of the biggest alliances in the ROCK coalition.

    You will need to have at least 60k points and be active everyday.
    PM or IGM me to apply.